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Dove Natural Hair Pride And Confidence Advice

5 Tips To Fall In Love With Your Natural Hair

Hair is always more than just a style - it’s an extension of your identity. For Black women, hair represents even more. Hair is a celebration rooted in history, culture and pride. From coils and curls to bantu knots and braids, all hair textures and protective styles should be embraced in their full glory.

There’s no “right” way to wear your hair and it should always feel like your choice. We’re committed to ensuring that Black women feel empowered to wear any and every hair style with pride. All beauty should be shared, celebrated, and welcomed. 

Just like with hair itself, nurturing a healthy hair relationship takes time. It’s a deeply personal journey which takes time as narrow Western beauty standards can make Black women have lower self-esteem. Here are five useful tips to grow your natural hair pride and build confidence, however you choose to wear your hair.

  • Dove Own the fact that your hair makes you unique image

    Own the fact that your hair makes you unique

    Wouldn’t life be boring if we all looked the same? All hair is deeply personal and whether we rock curls or coils, it is unique to us. Let’s embrace what is ours.

  • Dove Get creative with your natural hair look image

    Get creative with your natural hair look

    When was the last time you tried something new? Hair can be fun to experiment with and trying new looks can make you see your beauty differently. From a ‘wash and go’ to braids or a wig, find the style that makes you feel good.

  • Dove Get to know your natural hair image

    Get to know your natural hair

    Natural hair love starts with understanding what it needs. No matter what style you choose, healthy hair and scalp is important. Looking after your hair is an act of self-care. Enjoy a relaxing mask, massage your scalp and fall in love with your hair routine.

  • Dove Find Black hair influencers to follow image

    Find Black hair influencers to follow

    Straightening your hair or using relaxers should always feel like a choice. But embracing natural hair can be hard when narrow beauty standards force a lot of Black celebrities to change their natural hair texture. Representation is important to feel beautiful. Search hashtags on social media to find your community of inspiring people to look up who share your hair texture.

  • Dove Inspire others to embrace their natural hair image

    Inspire others to embrace their natural hair

    Speak to other people about their experience of embracing their natural hair. This is important because young Black girls face hair discrimination at school which affects their self-esteem. Having a conversation about Black hair confidence can help you both to feel seen and supported. Try the action checklists in our My Hair, My Crown toolkit for ways to get started.

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