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Dads book

Download ‘Dads (They Care A Lot)’

We collaborated with author and illustrator Keith Negley to create ‘Dads (They Care A Lot)’ to help dads turn storytime into a positive message of care for themselves and their families.

What does your family’s storytime usually look like? Dragons, dinosaurs, unicorns, pirates – we’re used to seeing this parenting highlight as a moment that’s just for the kids, but we want to turn it into a moment of care for you, too.

Dove Dads Book


Why make storytime a moment for you?

We believe when dads are fully present in caring for their families, the effect is transformative: on him, his partner, family and everyone around him. 

That’s why we co-created ‘Dads (They Care A Lot)’. To help dads put their best foot forward as they care for their family. Download it for your Kindle on Amazon Kids+ or below for free.

Our story celebrates all the dads out there, and their families. From big gestures to everyday acts of kindness, the story highlights the transformative effect of care – for dads, and everyone around them.  

We knew we couldn’t do it alone. So we turned to award-winning illustrator and children’s author Keith Negley for his expert storytelling and creativity. 

Author of ‘Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)’ and ‘Mary Wears What She Wants’, Keith is no stranger to weaving important messages into his books. Our story is one that speaks to adults just as much as children. Reminding dads to be there for their family, and themselves.

Now, your family’s bedtime routine can be completed by this heartwarming tale celebrating the role of modern dads, and everything they mean to their families. 

With this e-book, storytime can become a moment of positive care, for you and your family.

Dads (They Care a Lot) Book

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