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Dad and kids

Our commitment to supporting the care dads give

You care for your family. Let Dove Men+Care care for you. From partnering with Headspace to co-creating a children’s book, keep reading for parenting resources and more on our latest initiatives.

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This Father’s Day and beyond, we want to help men unlock the transformative effect of care. It’s why we talk to dads, create resources, and share tools to help dads be fully present for their families. 

Our research shows men who feel more balance in their life are nearly 2x more likely to report sharing household work equally with their partners. And practicing mindfulness for yourself can have a positive effect on your family, too. 58% of men who meditate every day report splitting household work with their partners equally*.

Embracing shared parenting makes a lasting impact on your kids, too. Our research also shows that boys who see their fathers engaged as full partners in domestic care and work are 1.5x more likely to contribute their fair share of unpaid care work within the household. Additionally, girls who see their fathers engaged as full partners in domestic care and work are more likely to work outside the home and pursue careers beyond gender stereotypes.**

We want to support the care you give as a present dad. That’s why we’ve:

Partnered with Headspace, the leading meditation and mindfulness app, to give you a carefully curated meditation playlist. Take care of your mind, so you can be fully present for others. 

Co-created Dads (They Care A Lot), an e-book with author and illustrator Keith Negley, to turn a storytime moment into a positive message of care for you and your family. 

Founded, our parenting YouTube hub, to provide helpful resources, how-tos and advice – created by dads, for dads. 

Explore what we’re doing to support dads below.

* Gupta, T. and Hook, C. (2021, June). Care Leads to Care. [Infographic]. Dove Men+Care & Promundo-US.
** van der Gaag, N., Heilman, B., Gupta, T., Nembhard, C. and Barker, G. (2019). State of the World’s Fathers: Unlocking the Power of Men’s Care. Washington, DC: Promundo-US.

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