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Parental leave for fathers: 6 amazing benefits

There are so many reasons why men should take paternity leave. It’s why we’re on a mission to make parental leave for fathers a right for every man and family. 

From supporting your partner and your kid’s development, to building confidence in your own parenting skills, here are six dad and science-backed reasons why parental leave is important, rewarding and life-changing. 


  • 1

    Paternity leave makes confident dads

    Our joint report (PDF) (677 KB) shows that father-and-baby parental bonding during paternity leave helps improve a dad’s ability to care for children in the long-term – and makes men more active and involved parents.

    Being a dad who’s around in those early stages doesn’t just give you lasting confidence in your caregiving skills – it also establishes you as an equal partner in parenting, which helps challenge gendered perceptions of men’s role in the family. 

  • 2

    That parental bond inspires the next generation

    A number of studies have revealed that paternity leave for fathers has positive effects on your children later in life, too. 

    The University of Oslo proves kids whose fathers take time off perform better in school. An OECD report also reveals that kids with present dads from day one have improved cognitive scores and mental well-being as they grow older.

  • 3

    Paternity leave can strengthen your relationship

    A newborn is a challenge – but when both parents care for their little ones together, their partnership becomes even stronger. 

    Paul, a father of one, shares this great piece of dad advice (and another one of the reasons why men should get paternity leave): “Now I appreciate what goes into being a parent – it’s about helping and supporting each other.”

  • 4

    Paternity leave for fathers benefits moms, too

    Research suggests that more support from the father can also boost the mother’s well-being – including reducing the chances of postpartum depression. 

    Father of one, Carnell, tells us: “The most important thing I learnt during my paternity leave was to give the mother time to rest, sleep and be herself for periods of time.”

    Many dads in The New Dad: Take Your Leave report agree – they agree that taking paternal leave for fathers is the best way to support your partner during their emotional and physical recovery.

  • 5

    Caring for your kids can be a form of self-care

    Even with the ups and downs that come with parenthood, the MenCare State of the World’s Fathers report reveals men are generally happier and experience fewer mental and physical well-being problems when they care for kids from the get-go.

    Gareth, a father of a seven-month-old, describes how caring for his little one helps him care for his emotional well-being: “Since the birth of my son, my mental health has improved. He’s totally changed my perspective on life.”

  • 6

    Being a dad is an incredible experience

    Becoming a father is an incredible experience like no other. From the challenges to those heart-warming moments, the benefits of fathers taking paternity leave are endless. 

    Johnny, a father of two, says it best: “Fatherhood is the most maddening, but ultimately rewarding, thing you’ll ever do.”

    The rewards of parental leave for fathers is undeniable – and we want to make this a reality for every dad and caregiver. Sign the paternity pledge today to help make paternity leave a right for every father. And learn more about our commitment to helping all dads care from day one.

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