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Confident Me: Teaching young people to challenge appearance discrimination

Confident Me: Teaching children to challenge appearance discrimination

Introducing our new Confident Me lesson extension – created to empower young people to challenge appearance-based discrimination and advocate for a more inclusive world, where everyone feels like they belong.

Every young person deserves to grow up feeling supported, celebrated and able to participate fully in life – free from judgement and discrimination about their appearance. But narrow beauty ideals can contribute to appearance-based discrimination and negatively impact young people’s self-esteem, body confidence and mental wellbeing. This needs to change – and that’s where the Dove Self-Esteem Project comes in. 

Our new Confident Me lesson has been specifically created to teach young people all about appearance-based discrimination through a series of case studies which examine the intersections that exist between body image and different forms of discrimination.

The tool is created to equip young people with the knowledge and confidence they need to stand up against these prejudices. Why? Because learning about different forms of discrimination – such as racism, colorism, shadeism, race-based hair discrimination, sizeism and ableism – and recognizing their impact on those around us, is the first step in making our world a more inclusive and beautiful place.

Dove Appearance based prejudice

Designed to last between 45-50 minutes, this lesson can be used as part of our updated six-session workshop, or as a standalone module. Just like our other self-esteem and body confidence sessions, you’ll be able to host class discussions and small-group activities with engaging case studies, all using activity worksheets. During this session, you’ll help your class to:

  • Explore appearance ideals and how they contribute to discrimination 
  • Understand different forms of appearance discrimination that exist in society
  • Discuss the ways that you can create a more inclusive community at your school
  • Address and challenge discrimination based on physical characteristics
  • Empower them to stand up and advocate for inclusive communities that celebrate and support diversity

Made especially for teens, our Confident Me self-esteem workshops are evidence-based and designed to make a difference. This session was created by Cairn Guidance in collaboration with Dr. Marisol Perez, REACH Institute at Arizona State University. 

Knowledge is power and we all have the power to make a difference. Let's work together to build a more inclusive world for the next generation, and generations to come. Download the session now and help the next generation grow up feeling confident and proud of who they are – free from judgement or discrimination.

Teach students to challenge appearance discrimination

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