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The Dove Self-Esteem Project Youth Board Mission

The Dove Self-Esteem Project Youth Board Mission

Introducing... the Dove Youth Board – our global community of inspiring young leaders who, alongside our community of partners, help to shape and inform the Dove Self-Esteem Project and advocate for girls and women around the world. Together, we've reached over 82 million young people with body-positive education – and we're not stopping there. Now, it's our mission to help 250 million young people build body image and confidence by 2030 – and you can join us. Download the Confidence Kit below and help a young person you know, today.

Made up of over 20 young leaders, representing 5 continents, the Dove Youth Board brings together a diverse range of powerful voices to challenge the state of body image in society today.

Together, we want to create change on a local and global scale. Why? Because all girls should feel empowered to be themselves and drive the change they want to see. And no girl should ever be held back from achieving her full potential. But unrealistic beauty ideals, appearance pressures and negative body image, are global issues that contribute to negative self-esteem and stop young women from participating fully in life. These are just some of the reasons we're aiming to help 250 million young people build body confidence by 2030, through the Dove Self Esteem Project.

Powered by girls, to support girls all over the world, the Dove Youth Board is helping us explore how we can help improve self esteem through real insights and experiences. Meet just a few of our inspiring leaders below.

Thanks to the Dove Youth Board and our amazing community of Dove Partners, the Dove Self-Esteem Project is powered by women and girls around the world.

Together, the Youth Board are driving towards:

  • 1

    Empowering women and girls

    • Promoting body image education as a critical first step to positive body image
    • Lobbying governments to take body image more seriously – limiting online pressures, implementing anti-discrimination laws and making policies more diverse and representative 

  • 2

    Promoting body image education and advocacy

    • Paying attention to local education disparities and opportunities 
    • Prioritizing digital body image education support and and opening up access to resources 

  • 3

    Raising awareness of colorism and hair discrimination

    • Increasing representation in the media and advertising
    • Helping educate girls about the root of beauty ideals and links with history and politics

  • 4

    Taking action to tackle social media’s impact on body image

    • Supporting increased regulation on social media platforms 
    • Increasing social media literacy, encouraging young people to view social media critically
    • Promoting positive, self-esteem boosting content

  • 5

    Driving education and awareness around cosmetic surgery

    • Increasing self-esteem education to mitigate against the potential risks involved with procedures
    • Working to increase awareness of the negative outcomes and economic, emotional and health costs

Confidence Kit

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