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How our expert partners help us build body confidence

How our expert partners help us build body confidence

We work with qualified experts in the fields of psychology and sociology to ensure the content we create has a real impact.  From developing our biggest projects, to writing our latest articles, here are some of the expert partners who help us to build self-esteem boosting programmes and projects.

The Centre for Appearance Research

Have you seen our Steven Universe episodesOpens in new window yet? They’re just one of our projects with the Centre for Appearance ResearchOpens in new window🔗 at the University of the West of England in Bristol, a globally recognised academic institution that specialises in body image, appearance and psychology. They play a major role in helping us develop our content and evidence-based educational tools, to make them as effective as possible for young people around the world.


Nancy Etcoff

A highly qualified professor at Harvard, Nancy Etcoff is also the Director of the Program in Aesthetics and Well Being at Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry. So, it’s fair to say that when it comes to the science behind self-esteem and body confidence, Nancy knows her stuff.

A TED speaker on the subject of happiness and beauty, Nancy has conducted and published ground-breaking work that proves just how linked they are, and how important they can be, too. Leading our studies and reports, such as The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report (PDF) (1,003 KB)Opens in new window,🔗 Nancy helps to write the Dove Self Esteem Project online articles and consults on all the materials we produce too — shaping how we approach helping young people to love who they are, inside and out. 

Jess Wiener

An expert on social change, representation and inclusive messaging, Jess Wiener is a vital part of making sure that our campaigns challenge beauty standards for women and young girls. CEO of ‘Talk To Jess’, a consulting firm that advises brands on issues that impact women and girls, Jess has even played a huge part in Barbie’s body-positive relaunch. Jess is a long-time Dove partner and official ambassador for the Dove Self-Esteem Project: working with us on our many campaigns for Real Beauty, and helping to empower and unite young girls through developing the ‘Girl Collective’. You can find out more about ‘Girl Collective’ here.

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