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Words of encouragement: how to support your child

Words of encouragement: how to support your child


Life can feel lonely for teenagers, which is why expressing support for children is so important. Have you considered writing a message to your son or daughter about being a teenager? Sharing your own experiences, wisdom and words of encouragement can help you empathize with them and improve your conversations. Keep reading for some tips on how to make the most of this letter. 

Use positive language

This really is the foundation of all meaningful conversations. Using positive language will help your child feel like you’re on their side, expressing support for them no matter what. So, when you’re discussing sensitive topics, it’ll make it that much easier to share openly and honestly. 

Mention your own experiences and how you overcame them

Being a teenager can be so overwhelming. For a young person, it might feel like life will always be that way. So if you’re wondering how to encourage children through this time, sharing your own experiences of being a teenager can be really powerful. Finding out how you overcame your struggles will help your child understand that there’s life beyond what they’re feeling right now, and so much for them to look forward to.

Focus on personality over appearance

In a world where appearance sometimes seems to matter more than anything else, it's important to help shift your child’s attention from how their body looks, to all the amazing things they’re capable of as a person. So, don’t forget to keep this in mind when you’re thinking of positive things to say to your child. Especially throughout the teenage years, when everyone experiences lots of bodily changes – showing your child that they’re wonderful no matter how they look will help them stay confident and focus on what truly matters.

Dove Words of Encouragement

Include words of affirmation

Words of affirmation can improve our mood and help us feel valued, understood and happier. Affirmations are encouraging messages and positive statements that either someone else says to you, or you say outloud to yourself. When young people hear and repeat affirmations every day, it can encourage them to see themselves in a more positive light. So, including some in your letter to your child might give them the inspiration to speak to themselves with kindness.

Let them know you’re always there

Showing encouragement for children is all about consistency. Creating a non-judgemental environment for your child to voice their thoughts, feelings and experiences will help them be honest about what they’re going through. Showing you love them unconditionally and that you’ll always be there to support them is sure to help them on their journey through teenage life.

Leave the door open for more conversation

This letter is just the start. So, leave the door open for more conversation. You never know what kind of questions your child might have after reading your message to them, and chatting everything over could spark a deeper connection than you’ve had before.

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