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Dry skin relief care tips to take you through the seasons

Whether you’re living with very dry skin, psoriasis or eczema, new triggers can pop up at any time – but there’s one you can always rely on: a change of season. 

If you’re wondering which balm or what lotion is good for itchy skin prone to dryness, the answer can change with the seasons. Summer sweat causes irritation, while winter winds serve severe dehydration. So we’ve asked the real experts, women living with skin conditions, for their very dry skin care tips through the calendar.


Not too cold, not too hot: treat spring as your warm weather prep, before the heat strikes. Swap winter’s rich formula for something lighter, like our Dove DermaSeries body lotion. Restoring your skin’s protective barrier over time, this silky Dove body lotion is an ideal replenishing body lotion for eczema, psoriasis or very dry skin relief.


Like many others, Gail finds the sun can actually be good for her psoriasis – but as she says: “Try to limit it, and use a gentle sunscreen, too.” Thanks to the SPF 15 in our hypoallergenic face moisturizer, you can protect and care for your skin all at once.  


Chopping and changing between the damp outside air and the warm inside is a recipe for very dry, flaky skin. Reena turns to different Dove DermaSeries formulas depending on how her psoriasis and eczema are coping with this constant shift: “If I’m feeling very dry and ashy, I would use the body cream – I want to give myself that extra kick of moisture.”


Very dry or eczema-prone skin can suffer in cold weather, and exposed hands always need extra protection. For a more hydration than your regular moisturizer, Dove DermaSeries expert repairing balm for dry skin gives rough patches even more care – just where you need it. Rich in petrolatum, the non-greasy and silky-smooth formula helps skin become its beautiful best. “This soothing repairing balm saves my hands during winter!” says Ashley. 

Our expert repairing balm has been recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation, and our body lotion has been recognized by the National Eczema Association.

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