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5 reasons very dry skin will love you for using night cream

We all know a good night’s sleep can do wonders for our bodies and minds, but it can also leave very dry skin feeling dehydrated. Delicate facial skin needs a helping hand to stay moisturized until morning, and we’re not talking about carrying over your day cream or stretching your body lotion above your neck. If you’re still undecided on the benefits of night cream, read on to discover the top reasons why it’s our beauty routine essential.

  • Step 1

    It boosts your skin’s renewal process.

    While your mind switches off at night, your skin’s repair mechanism wakes up. For us, this skin-mind-sleep cycle is the key to caring for very dry skin. So why is night cream important? Well, skin can be left feeling vulnerable after being exposed to environmental and physical damage during the day. Then at night, skin cells are programmed to renew themselves – and are at their most receptive to receiving essential skin-renewing ingredients. A nourishing night cream uses this window to add powerful moisturizing ingredients to your skin’s natural renewal process

  • Step 2

    It makes for the perfect wind down.

    A peaceful mind helps for peaceful skin – which is why it’s so important to set aside me-time. With a relaxing beauty routine as your evening staple, the benefits of using night cream can go more than skin deep. We like to warm the formula between our hands and apply with a simple massage action: that way the ingredients have a chance to soak in while your mind can relax

  • Step 3

    It takes over from your day cream. 

    Whether they minimize shine, maintain your moisture levels or protect your skin from the sun with a dose of SPF protection – we all know how important a day cream is. But night is the perfect time to give very dry, flaky skin more intensive hydration than in the day. You don’t need sun protection, you won’t feel hot and sweaty getting active, and you won’t be applying make-up on top: just pure nourishment 

  • Step 4

    It’s a step towards a better night’s sleep.

    If you feel the effects of eczema, psoriasis or very dry skin at night, then you might be wondering how to stop itching skin at night. Although itching goes hand in hand with eczema, by hydrating your skin as much as possible before bed, you can work towards keeping your skin feeling soothed through the night 

  • Step 5

    It helps you start your day with confidence.

    Never underestimate the power of starting the day feeling confident. You can see the effect of night cream advantages the minute you wake up, with soft and smooth skin. Consider it your strong foundation of skin-confidence to set off your morning routine

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