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Dove Stick antiperspirant deodorant

Stick Antiperspirants

Show your underarms a whole lot of love with our moisturizing antiperspirant sticks, to help keep you cool, calm and collected for up to 48 hours.

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If you’re a loyal stick antiperspirant user, then you’re in the right place. Our range of stick antiperspirants combine gentle underarm care with long-lasting sweat protection – so you can face whatever the day throws at you. 

Our moisturizing antiperspirant sticks are specially formulated to give you 48 hour protection from sweat, for dry and fresh underarms all day long. Made with our signature ¼ moisturizers and 0% alcohol (ethanol), our non-irritating stick antiperspirant helps moisturize underarms and care for irritated skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and protected. 

A truly effective antiperspirant should smell great, too. For that fresh feeling, Dove stick antiperspirant comes in a range of beautifully fresh fragrances you’ll love to apply, from fruity Passionfruit & Lemongrass to fresh Coconut & Sandalwood.

Find a new fragrance and choose the stick antiperspirant for you below. 

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