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Mum and dad smiling at their baby whilst applying baby products

When to start using baby products on your newborn (and how to do it safely)

Life as a new parent can feel overwhelming at times, with so many new routines and responsibilities to become familiar with, often on a very limited amount of sleep. Your baby’s skincare routine is a prime example, with plenty of new parents experiencing uncertainty and confusion around things like when to use soap on a newborn (or if we even should be using soap) and whether or not perfumed or scented products are safe for use on babies. Here, we’ve got the answers you need.

"It’s perfectly fine to use gentle, specially-formulated products on your newborn, like our Fragrance Free Moisture Hypoallergenic Wash, or Derma Care Soothing Wash (the Soothing Wash is suitable for eczema-prone skin). Be mindful of using too much product – just the smallest amount will do at first.

Gently does it

We asked two of our dermatologist advisers for their tips on baby bath time.

“Having everything you need prepared ahead of time will help make bath time more enjoyable and less stressful,” says Dr Benjamin. “Close to the basin should be a soft, clean, warm baby towel, gentle washcloth, plastic pouring cup, and a mild, fragrance-free baby cleansing wash should be at arm’s reach.”

When it comes to how often we should bathe our babies, it depends on how many weeks old they are. Dr Lamb says: “Babies can take baths nightly starting after the first few weeks. In general babies that are not yet able to sit up unassisted should have a basin that supports their neck in a laid back position. Also remember to never leave babies in water unattended.”

What about using baby products? Dr Lamb advises: “In general you shouldn’t use a cleanser nightly and if you do it should only be applied to the areas that tend to get dirty under the diaper. Use gentle soaps that ideally do not strip the skin of natural oils and contain moisturizing factors that help repair the skin barrier.”

Don’t be afraid to adapt routines

Babies – like adults – come in all shapes and sizes, so your little one might need some extra TLC with products just for them. Don’t be afraid to change routines depending on your baby’s needs – you’ll quickly understand what’s normal for your little one. If your baby has longer hair, for example, a drop or two of mild shampoo like our Rich Moisture Hypoallergenic Shampoo on their hair during bath time is a good idea.

If eczema is causing your baby discomfort, our Eczema Care Soothing Cream is suitable for eczema prone skin. It’s made with colloidal oatmeal, relieves irritation and soothes delicate skin, helping to prevent the recurrence of dry, itchy patches. After bathing and once they’re dry, warm the cream between your hands before applying, massaging in a circular motion and allowing the cream to soak in. Providing instant relief and the opportunity for a bonding massage too – sometimes the simple things really are the best.

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