What is baby oil used for? Uses, benefits, & more

What is baby oil used for? Uses, benefits & more

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    Keeping skin soft

    Baby oil’s ultra-gentle, lightweight formula makes it one of the most effective skincare products to keep skin feeling soft for babies and children. Our 99% naturally-derived Melanin-Rich Skin Nourishment Baby Oil is specially designed for melanin-rich skin but works for any skin type, and is carefully infused with hero ingredients like coconut and almond oil, helping to restore moisture levels

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    As a massage oil

    Recreate an at-home spa using baby oil for your little one. Just a few drops of oil (warm between your hands first for that authentic massage experience) applied to skin works wonderfully as a soothing massage oil (it’s especially relaxing for babies as part of their post-bath bedtime ritual). After just one use, skin feels soft, nourished and soothed, so you can even skip the moisturizer.

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    Soothing dry heels or elbows

    Another baby oil benefit you might not have considered is its ability to instantly soothe areas of extremely dry skin on your baby, like heels, elbows or knees. For especially dehydrated skin, try applying to damp skin after a shower or bath to really lock in that moisture. It also works beautifully for softening hard or dry cuticles once your little one’s nails start to grow.

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    As a hair mask

    If your little one is experiencing a dry scalp or hair, baby oil should be your first port of call. Its lightweight texture means it won’t weigh down fine baby hair but delivers nourishing moisture and helps reduce any signs of visible dryness which can cause discomfort. The delicate scent makes application a special treat for both of you, too.

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    Removing the day

    While many adults swear by baby oil for removing makeup, it can work similarly for babies and children too – if they’ve been playing with paints, for example, or get muddy in the garden (which, let’s face it, happens daily). A wipe of baby oil on a clean washcloth or sponge will remove any dirt, grime, food or paint and leave your little one feeling – and smelling – delightful.

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