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Baby skin care: Caring for sensitive baby skin

Your little one’s skin is soft and delicate, but in the early days, it can be especially fragile and susceptible to baby rashes and irritation as it adjusts to life outside. Some babies just have more sensitive skin than others, too. Read on for some of our best tips for giving sensitive baby skin the care it deserves.

“The best way to take care of sensitive skin is to use products made specifically for baby skin,” explains pediatric dermatologist Dr. Zilda. So, take advantage of Dove’s 60 years of experience in gentle skin care and try the Baby Dove Fragrance Free Moisture range. Specially formulated, our products replenish skin essential nutrients to help your baby’s skin retain its natural moisture.

Our experts – real parent dermatologists – like Dr. Zilda, offer this advice on caring for your baby’s delicate skin…

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    More moisture. 

    Did you know that your baby’s skin loses moisture much faster than yours? This is why using a mild baby soap is so important – especially if it’s one that replenishes moisture too. And if your little one gets baby rashes, try an ultra-gentle cream to soothe irritation from dryness. Baby Dove offers different kinds of baby lotion to suit the unique needs of your little one’s skin.

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    Gentle cleansing

    Baby skin also has a higher pH than adult skin, making it even more delicate. Choosing a pH-neutral soap for baby will help retain skin’s natural health. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Hypoallergenic Baby Bar is milder than ordinary baby soap bars – so you can trust it will help to keep it healthy. Or, if you’d prefer a liquid soap for baby, our Rich Moisture Hypoallergenic Baby Wash offers all the same benefits.

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    Tailored skin care.

    Not knowing what’s causing your baby’s rash or irritation can be frustrating.. But, switching to our pH-neutral Fragrance Free Moisture Hypoallergenic Wash could be a solution. Dermatologist tested and pediatrician recommended, it will gently soothe your baby’s rash as it cleanses their skin.

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    Patting dry

    Finally, gentle patting is kinder to your baby’s delicate skin, so try to avoid rubbing them dry after a bath to help prevent irritation from dryness.

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