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Baby skin care: Caring for sensitive baby skin

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    More moisture.

    Did you know that your baby’s skin loses moisture much faster than yours? This is why using a mild baby soap is so important – especially if it’s one that replenishes moisture too. And if your little one gets baby rashes, try an ultra-gentle cream to soothe irritation from dryness. Baby Dove offers different kinds of baby lotion to suit the unique needs of your little one’s skin.

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    Gentle cleansing

    When it comes to sensitive baby skin, pick our kind-to-skin bathtime essentials. Start by cleansing your little one with Baby Dove Caring By Nature Ultra Gentle Foaming Wash, enriched with vitamin E and 100% natural moringa oil (which is rich in essential nutrients) to soothe and nourish dry skin. Then, treat them to a gentle baby massage with our Caring by Nature Baby Oil, the fragrance-free, hypoallergenic baby oil that moisturizes and replenishes their delicate skin from first use. 

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    Tailored skin care.

    Not knowing what’s causing your baby’s rash or irritation can be frustrating.. But, switching to our pH-neutral Fragrance Free Moisture Hypoallergenic Wash could be a solution. Dermatologist tested and pediatrician recommended, it will gently soothe your baby’s rash as it cleanses their skin.

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    Patting dry

    Finally, gentle patting is kinder to your baby’s delicate skin, so try to avoid rubbing them dry after a bath to help prevent irritation from dryness.

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