Baby overnight skin care

How to take care of baby skin at night

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    A caring bath.

    “I love bath time with my son because after a hectic day it’s a chance to catch up and spend some time together, as well as keep him clean and look after his skin,” says Chris, dad of one. Using a gentle baby bath wash with a soothing scent during their bedtime baby bath – like Baby Dove Calming Moisture Night Time Wash – can do just that. Hypoallergenic and free from dyes, parabens and phthalates, this gentle formula contains 100% skin-natural nutrients* to help delicate baby skin retain its natural moisture all night long. With a calming scent of warm milk** and chamomile and our ¼ moisturizing cream, this will clean and nourish skin while creating a relaxing atmosphere before bed

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    More moisture.

    Bath water can dry out your baby’s delicate skin, so following with nourishing baby skin care products, like a night time baby lotion, can help replenish and maintain baby’s skin-natural moisture overnight. “Before bed, we coat our son’s skin in baby body lotion. We cover his legs and arms especially,” says Cameron dad of one. Adding Baby Dove Calming Moisture Night Time Lotion to your routine will gently soothe and hydrate baby dry skin, helping to support its natural development while your baby sleeps peacefully through the night. Adding its calming scent to your soothing baby massage can help them relax before sleep, too

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    Stay cool.

    Just like us, little ones sleep easier in certain conditions. Once you’ve decided what should baby sleep in, it’s time to master your optimum baby sleep temperature. Hot temperatures can dry baby’s skin out: to keep them and their skin comfortable, experts say to stick to within the range of 16-20°C – apparently the  optimum temperature

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