Dove expert tips to help care for baby eczema


Expert tips to help care for baby eczema

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    Know your little one’s baby eczema triggers

    Get familiar with what might make your little one’s eczema flare-up. Common triggers can include scratchy wool clothes, polyester, perfumes, harsh body soaps, laundry detergent, heat and sweat. 

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    Quick soak

    Keep bath time to ten minutes at most, using lukewarm water. This helps to hydrate and cool their skin. Use a gentle, soothing cleanser made with colloidal oatmeal and moisturizer. Avoid cleansers with fragrance or sulfates which can irritate sensitive skin. Baby Dove Derma Care Soothing Wash is a great choice as it is suitable for eczema-prone skin and also replenishes skin-essential nutrients to help skin retain its natural moisture. 

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    Smear on your baby eczema cream

    When your baby is out of the bath, pat the skin dry with a soft cotton towel and, within minutes, apply a thick colloidal oatmeal-based baby eczema cream or petroleum jelly to damp skin. Baby Dove Eczema Care Soothing Cream is a great over the counter choice. This thick, soothing skin protectant provides a 24-hour moisture barrier for rough and dry skin. Its patented PPAR technology restores the skin barrier and moisturizes from within, helping baby’s delicate skin become stronger. You can dress your baby in soft cotton for additional comfort, too.

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    File those fingernails

    Keep your baby’s fingernails short or place cotton mittens on their hands to keep them from scratching. Scratching can cause skin irritation and infection.

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    Find your calm zone

    Sometimes, despite all of your efforts, the rash on your little one’s skin will persist. It’s okay to feel frustrated. Rest assured, there have been many medical advances that can help you figure out how to manage baby eczema. See your board-certified dermatologist for further treatment – you’ll soon realize lots of parents are going through the same thing.

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