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Baby Dove baby shower inspiration

Welcoming little ones: baby shower inspiration

For moms- and dads-to-be, preparing for their baby's arrival and a new life as a parent can be both exciting and daunting. Some parents may celebrate before the baby is born while others might prefer to wait until after the birth. Whatever the circustances, you can plan a baby shower that suits their preference. As these stories from other parents show, it's all about sharing the experience with loved ones.

"Baby shower themes are different across the globe. Parents in the US can expect cakes and baby shower games, baby crying competitions are traditional in Japan, while the French wait until the first birthday to start any celebrations. Deciding how to mark this special milestone is a very individual choice and parents-to-be will all favour a different approach.

Baby Dove Research and Development expert and mom of three Diane was full of excitement: “We had a big shower for my first baby that my mom helped organize with my closest friends – it was really nice. I am Portuguese, so they had it at a Portuguese restaurant and we had all the women in the family there. It was a time for us all to get together and share advice and stories.”

Sanchia, mom of a newborn, had great fun at her baby shower too: “We had high tea at a beautiful café near my house – we played a few baby games, including using a piece of string to guess the size of my bump. The highlight for me was spending time with loved ones and seeing how excited everyone was about our baby arriving.”

Some parents-to-be prefer to wait until their little one has arrived – as Junaid, Baby Dove employee and dad of three, explains: “We did not have a celebration prior to the birth – instead, we had a party for all family and friends three weeks after.” This offers a chance for everyone to share in the joy of welcoming the newest member of the family but also for the parents to relax and reconnect with those closest to them.

Whatever you choose to do, traditionally it’s an opportunity to buy baby shower gifts, so parents can tick items off the newborn essentials checklist. “My advice would be the things we use on a daily basis with a newborn at home,” says Yasmine, mom of of two, “Like nappies, shampoo, soap and special detergent for baby clothes.” The Baby Dove Complete Care Everyday Essentials Gift Pack is full of useful products to help new parents care for their baby’s delicate skin at bath time and beyond.

However, as these parents-to-be have shared, the most valuable part of any celebration is the support of friends and family. Craig, dad of a newborn, says: “My wife didn’t originally want a baby shower or to be center of attention. However, I think it’s really important to rally together and show the mother-to-be that she is not alone and that there are plenty of people there to support her.” Children’s nurse and mom of two Tracey agrees: “The gifts are fantastic, but really baby showers are about confirming to the ones having the baby that you care about them. That is an amazing thing to know, because it can be quite isolating having a baby.”

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