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Stick or dry spray? Choosing your antiperspirant

How to help prevent underarm irritation due to dry skin or shaving

Do you prefer your antiperspirant in a stick or dry spray? We might not discuss it very often, but making the right choice is important. If you ask us, a great antiperspirant gives you effective protection, is kind to skin and keeps you feeling comfortable and confident all day long. If you’re with us, read on to discover the benefits of each and find out what kind of antiperspirant is best for you.

Antiperspirant spray

Saving time

When it comes to choosing an antiperspirant, using a dry spray can have plenty of benefits. We all know it’s the little things that help us save time in the mornings, like resisiting that 5 minute snooze and choosing an antiperspirant spray that dries quickly. That’s why Dove Dry Spray (opens in a new window) is specially designed to go on and feel instantly dry – so you can get dressed and start your day immediately.

Underarm skin care

If you’re worried about your antiperspirant spray drying out your skin, Dove Dry Spray (opens in a new window) has a 0% alcohol formula infused with ¼ moisturizers with natural oil. Balancing effective protection and care, the kind-to-skin, non-irritant formula cares for your underam skin and helps dry skin caused by shaving.

48-hour protection

If you’re searching for something to keep you feeling fresh, dry and comfortable all day, look for a long-lasting antiperspirant. With up to 48-hours of protection, Dove Dry Spray (opens in a new window) works to keep sweat and odour at bay. Antiperspirant spray also delivers a beautiful burst of fragrance, so you can start your day with a fragrance to suit your mood. Try our Revive Dry Spray (opens in a new window) for a morning boost or soothe your senses with our Nourishing Secrets Lavender Dry Spray.

Antiperspirant stick

Smooth, easy application

What’s the main difference between an antiperspirant stick and a dry spray? It’s all in the application. Dove antiperspirant sticks have creamy formulas that glide on with ease – so you can get perfectly even and controlled coverage.

Effective protection and care

Just like dry spray, antiperspirant sticks can give you all day protection too. With up to 48-hour protection from sweat and odour plus a dose of underarm care, our Advanced Care Antiperspirant sticks (opens in a new window) will have you covered. Enriched with ¼ moisturizers with natural oil, each has a kind-to-skin formula. And that’s not all – our non-irritant antiperspirant sticks are alcohol-free to help reduce underarm irritation (due to dry skin or shaving) too. So you can take on the day feeling comfortable, confident and free from underarm worries.

Making the right decision for you

Whether it’s a stick or a spray, the best antiperspirant for you is whatever makes you feel comfortable. Don’t feel like you have to choose just one though – you can always switch up your antiperspirant to suit your routine. Why not use your dry spray on those busy mornings, and keep your stick in your bag for a discrete top up when you want a boost of underarm confidence on the go?

You’ll be glad to hear that our entire range of antiperspirants provides long-lasting protection and care. Caring for your skin each time you apply, they both leave you with underarms that feel healthy and protected – so you’ll get comfort and protection, whichever you choose.