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Celebrate community and self expression with an LGBTQ2S+ empowerment story in the new series - The D Cut

Dove Hair proudly presents The D Cut, a new original series, inspired by a true LGBTQ2S+ empowerment story. The D Cut follows a young superstar hairstylist named “D” as she navigates love, friendship and togetherness when her local community’s safe space comes under threat.

We’re determined to celebrate diversity and champion every person having the freedom and confidence to express their true selves. We firmly believe that hair and identity go hand in hand. For more than 60 years, we’ve been challenging and redefining perceptions of beauty, ensuring it’s a source of confidence, never anxiety. #MyHairMySay is all about having the freedom to express ourselves through our hair, no matter what society expects of us. That’s why we created The D Cut, in collaboration with Shaftesbury, available to stream on Crave.

While The D Cut explores how inclusivity and community contribute to a positive experience of beauty through hair, the Dove Self Esteem Project is joining forces with the Canvas Arts Action Program (opens in a new window) in Canada to champion these beliefs. We’ll be working with academic experts and youths to co-design the ‘True To Me’ curriculum and deliver educational impact for Canadian LGBTQ2S+ youth.

The D Cut #MyHairMySay

Body dissatsifaction and appearance-based discrimination cost young people their self-esteem and their health – and can even cost their lives. Dove invited them to share their stories.

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Dove The D Cut

My Hair, My Say

Dove The D Cut
Your Hair, Your Say

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