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Real stories on the importance of hand sanitizer

Hand hygiene has never been more important – to care for you and your loved ones. You’ve already shown us how you #WashToCare, now we’re talking hand sanitizer gel.  We asked three women to share their hand sanitizer stories: when they apply, and why... 

Nina, 31

“I started regularly using hand sanitizer at the start of the year, and I also use it a lot as a new mom. 

I use hand sanitizer on-the-go. We all touch door handles, buttons or surfaces without thinking about it, so I like to have one on me at all times. I also use it at home, if it’s not always possible or practical to wash my hands. Sometimes, I can’t leave the baby alone after changing her diaper or she might need soothing. So, I carry one on me when I leave the house and keep them dotted around my home for parenting emergencies.”

All Dove hand sanitizers are 99.99% effective against many common germs, with an extra bonus thanks to the unique moisturizing blend. 


Joan, 65

“I’m an epilepsy technician, so have known about hand sanitizer importance (and used it at work) for some years now. As a grandmother, I’ve always tried to teach the little ones in my family the importance of handwashing. So, when we all had to step up our hand hygiene routines, there was no question around when or where to use hand sanitizer. I use it when travelling, shopping, and eating out. It’s now part of my daily life.

I use formulas with strong alcohol smells all day at work, so at home I like a more pleasant experience that won’t leave my skin feeling dry.”

Dove hand sanitizers are a joy to use. Our signature Moisture Renew Blend helps to renew skin’s natural moisture. Skin is left feeling moisturized for up to eight hours. Finally, the lasting nourishment your skin deserves.


Emma, 28

“I started using hand sanitizer while I was working in my school. Before this, I’d only ever used hand sanitizer if I was on holiday or somewhere that I didn’t think would have any hand wash.

As a gym teacher, I use hand sanitizer before each of my lessons and then every 15 minutes during the lesson. It’s turned into a natural habit at work, and when I’m out and about on the weekend. I’m always carrying hand sanitizer with me now. I want my hands to feel clean when I’m out and at work when I can’t get to a sink! I like a hand sanitizer that’s perfumed and alcohol percentage is important for me, too. I want my hands to feel cleaner. The most important thing is that it should be smooth and thick but not sticky, and dry quickly! Anything watery is the worst.”

Choose from classic Deep Moisture, indulgent Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla or comforting Lavender & Chamomile for a blissful moment of care. And if, like Emma, you’re interested in hand sanitizer ingredients, our formulas are made with 61% (v/v) naturally-derived ethyl alcohol; meaning they meet FDA and CDC recommended levels. That’s not all, the formula leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and beautiful. So you can get the hand hygiene you want and nourishing care you love.

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