How to treat dry skin

  • Protect skin in winter.
    Protect skin in winter.

    Winter is dry skin’s playground. Make sure your skin is protected from the harsh weather and central heating by smoothing in a rich, thick moisturizer like Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion

  • Cleanse gently.
    Cleanse gently.

    Cleansing can be rough – your skin needs its natural oils so be gentle with it and use a wash that will put that sought-after moisture back in, like our White Beauty Bar

  • Don’t overheat.
    Don’t overheat.

    In the shower, keep the water warm – too hot and it will strip those oils from your skin

  • Be kind during hair removal.
    Be kind during hair removal.

    Hair removal can make dry skin worse. Always use shaving gel (or, just between us, conditioner actually makes a great shaving cream! Shh don’t tell) and a good moisturizer post-shave to put the stripped-away oils back in, like our Cream Oil Shea Butter Body Lotion

  • Bedtime care.
    Bedtime care.

    We want to keep hands happy, but it’s hard to find a free moment where hand cream doesn't end up all over our phones. Work around that by applying it before bed

  • Eat smart.
    Eat smart.

    Pick up some oily fish at the supermarket – the fatty acids in them act like a natural moisturizer from the inside out

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