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Dove self tanning lotion

Help, I missed a spot! Our expert guide on how to fake tan your face, back & more…

Let’s face it, that dreaded patch of missed tan has defeated even the most experienced fake tanning aficionados among us at some point or another. But once you’ve got your head around a few simple hacks, missed spots and patchy tans can be a thing of the past (yes, even on those notoriously tricky-to-reach areas). Here’s our guide to achieving that natural-looking sun-kissed glow you’ve been dreaming of, from top to toe.

Take your time
A little prep ahead of a tanning session can go a long way. Shaving (if that’s something you do), exfoliating and moisturizing ahead of applying might sound like overkill but a smooth canvas to work from means fewer patches of dry skin for pigment to cling onto (AKA the perfect base).

But we get that life happens so if you find yourself needing a tan ASAP, try Dove Summer Revived Self-Tanning Lotion, with aloe vera and hydrating glycerin. It means you don’t need to moisturize separately if in a hurry and the blendable, easy-application formula sinks in quickly, and naturally enhances and evens out skin tones.

Enlist a friend
The quickest way to give your fake tan game away? A patchy back. But if bending into yoga-esque positions to reach that pesky bit between your shoulder blades is proving impossible, pass a friend a mitt or brush (even complete novices can nail this, honest).

In a pinch? Try placing a mitt over a wooden spoon or body brush to reach (fasten with a hair band if it comes loose). Dove Summer Revived Gradual Self-Tan Mousse is especially great for backs since its lightweight, fast-absorbing formula means you can get dressed right away.

Detail matters
A non-negotiable tanning rule? Always take a few minutes to remove any makeup, jewellery, deodorant and perfume before applying tan (deodorant and perfume can react with the tanning agents) to ensure it develops evenly. Pay special attention to easily-missed areas like wrists too, which can quickly give the tanning game away. Always exfoliate knees and ankles and apply a small amount of moisturizer 24 hours before any tan for a realistic glow.

Face facts
To get a nice even tan on the face, be sure to apply to the entire neck area, right up to the jawline (including the back of the neck) and rub into your hairline too. Ears are another major giveaway, so dab a small amount of product onto a mitt or cotton pad and gently swipe on (including the often-forgotten lobes and back of ears).

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