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Why is my hair so dry?! 5 things that cause dry hair

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    You’re not adding moisture

    The shampoo and conditioner you use regularly can have a big impact on your hair’s overall health and appearance. So, if dry hair is an issue for you, washing with a product that injects moisture while it cleanses is always a good idea. We love Dove Rescue - Protect Shampoo and Dove Rescue - Protect Serum + Conditioner, which also help to prevent breakage – a double whammy of benefits.

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    You’re not using heat protection

    It’s time to invest in a heat protection spray, if you haven’t already. The regular, unprotected use of dryers, straighteners and curlers leads to preventable dry, damaged locks. Protect your hair by simply spritzing on Dove Smooth - Shine Heat Protection Spray before using any heat-based tool.

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    It’s chemically damaged

    Having regular chemical treatments – such as straightening or perming – can compromise hair health, causing it to become dry and brittle, and lack shine and vitality. Try to space out your appointments to give strands time to recover, continuing to use nourishing and repairing in-shower hair care, such as Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

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    You’re a regular swimmer

    Whether you’re swimming in the sea or pool, excessive exposure to chlorine and salt will dry your hair out in no time at all. A swim cap is your best solution for blocking chemicals. Not into the look? Always remember to rinse hair pre- and post-swim to prevent chemicals or salt from absorbing and lingering in your locks longer than necessary.

  • 5
    You live in a colder climate

    Cold weather is one of the more surprising causes of dry hair. In short, the chillier it is outside, the more drying it is on your locks and scalp. It’s because the air is drier, which causes hair to be dull, brittle and dry too. And don’t get us started on the humidity in summer!

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