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Dove Talk about dandruff

We need to talk about dandruff

Dry skin, pimples, weird rashes… There’s hardly a beauty issue we won’t chat about with our friends – but for some reason dandruff doesn’t seem to be one of them. Which is weird when you consider that over our lifetimes around 50% of us (men and women) will probably have had to deal with dandruff at one point or another. So it’s time to stop sweeping it under the rug. We chatted to Rachel, Jessica and Heather – who were ready to share their stories, and, most importantly, share their tips.

Rachel, 33: “I’ve actually never talked to anyone about dandruff before! I’ve had it for ages now, but it really varies in terms of how it appears. Sometimes my scalp is fine, and suddenly it becomes really itchy and flaky basically overnight – really annoying if I hadn’t planned to wash my hair that day! Or sometimes I have flare ups that end up lasting a while, and that can be really frustrating. When I moved in with my boyfriend, I used to hide the shampoo bottle – I think there’s definitely a bit of stigma about having to use an anti-dandruff shampoo.”

Rachel’s tip: “It sounds a bit silly maybe, but finding a dandruff shampoo and conditioner that smells and looks like a ‘regular’ shampoo really changed the way I thought about caring for my scalp.” With regular use, our dandruff shampoo range is specially designed to help keep your hair flake free, but it’s just as nourishing and indulgent as any of our other products in the Dove range. It leaves your hair soft and silky as well as fighting dandruff with regular use, with beautiful scents and rich formulas.”


Heather, 29: “I can always tell when I’m under pressure and need to take time for myself because my scalp gets super itchy and flaky. I was really paranoid about people spotting it, and would be constantly checking in the mirror. It really felt like a problem that nobody had, as I had never had friends that talked about it openly. That is, until I mentioned it to a colleague at work who revealed she gets the exact same issue. Knowing someone with a similar experience changed the way that I saw it and made it less of a big deal.”

Heather’s tip: “I used to spend a lot of time frantically searching online for how to get rid of dandruff fast and washed my hair daily to try to remove the flakes (as well as picking them out – gross). Now I realize that the best thing to do is use specially designed products regularly and try not to worry – it will help, and, in the meantime, it’s more common than I thought!”

Our tip: Why not try our Invigorating Mint Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – a pH-balanced formula with a minty fresh feel that’s gentle enough to use every day.


Jessica, 26: “Recently my scalp has started to get really dry and itchy. I haven’t had any flaking – just an itchy feeling. My friends and I are really open with other things like body image worries, greasy hair or bad skin, but scalp stuff seems to make people uncomfortable, which I find really weird! I guess it can be kind of embarrassing to admit, but I don’t know why it’s any different than anything else. I had no idea 50% of people suffer with it! It makes me wonder why we aren’t more open with finding solutions and sharing advice!”

Jessica’s tip: “I try really hard not to scratch my head as I know that will probably make things worse! I’ve also seen that sometimes styling products can leave my scalp feeling more irritated, so I’m trying to use fewer products directly on my roots too, in case it’s down to product build-up.”

Our tip: If your story sounds like Jessica's,  try our Dryness & Itch Relief Anti-Dandruff Shampoo – our best dandruff shampoo to nourish a dry scalp and help soothe itchiness.

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