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Dove The making of my hair-care ritual

The making of my hair-care ritual

If you ask us, the little things in life are often the ones that give us the most comfort. A hot cup of tea, our favorite socks, a cherished hair routine: small parts of our day, but they’re more impactful than they seem.

What takes a beauty practice from routine to ritual is pretty personal – but when it comes to hair, it seems quite a lot of us have one. Maybe it's just because a certain hair-wash routine works wonders on your hair, or it reminds you of someone or something special. Maybe it's because women have put such love and care into their hair-care routines for centuries that it seems like a ritual anyway. Don't have one? Don't feel left out – to inspire you to transform your hair routine into something deeper (or embrace the one you may already have), Georgina, Urvasha and a few others describe what makes their hair-care routine a ritual they love.


“When I was little I refused to brush my hair, so it was always tangled (it was really long). My mom soon learned the only way to make me look presentable was to turn it into a special ritual for just the two of us. She would wash my hair and then spend time untangling it by combing through conditioner. We would spend ages in the bathroom chatting while she combed. I take better care of my hair now, but I still keep a comb in the shower, just so I can recreate that feeling.”

Channel Georgina’s hair-care ritual

Georgina’s mom had the right idea with the comb – when hair is wet, brushing can damage. Using a wide-tooth comb to untangle in the shower is one of our favorite hair tips. A beautifully fragranced conditioner such as Nourishing Rituals Coconut & Hydration Conditioner will add to that indulgent feeling (as well as being super-nourishing, of course).


“I always put a few drops of argan or macadamia oil in my conditioner before I apply it to my hair. My older sister first showed me when I was about 10 years old – I think she’d read about it in a magazine or something. I’m pretty sure she’s long since forgotten about that hair-care tip, but I’m still dedicated: my hair always feels really silky after, and it’s great with taming frizz.”

Channel Natasha’s hair-care ritual

Dove Smoothing Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner, with marula oil and baobab and our nourishing technologies, helps to prevent frizz and leaves your hair beautifully shiny.


“I have very thick, dry hair that can be very difficult to tame at times – but it does only need washing every 5 to 6 days. This means that when it comes to wash day, I have mastered the art of making my whole hair-wash routine a ritual. First I shampoo, and then follow with conditioner, which I leave in for at least 10 minutes while I sit in a towel, totally relaxed. Once I’ve rinsed it all out, I wrap it up while I dry off and moisturize. Then out comes the coconut oil – I read about it years ago and it’s been a constant feature in my ritual ever since. Just a little on the mid-lengths to tips works wonders.”

Channel Lauren’s hair-care ritual

With a nature-inspired scent, our Repairing Ritual Shampoo with turmeric and coconut oil is the perfect way to channel that coconut oil ritual without the stickiness.


“I use a lot of oils on my hair – back home in India, women oil their hair a lot: it’s more of a ritual. My mom did it to me and my sisters when we were young, and I still do it now – once a week I coat my hair in coconut oil. Around my hairline and on my eyebrows I smooth in castor oil too! After I wash the oil out I always apply a serum too, to make it extra shiny.”

Channel Urvasha’s hair-care ritual

Hair serum is great for adding a dose of healthy shine – use a few drops of our Quench Absolute Crème Serum after you wash your hair and enjoy those silky, smooth results. If you're trying to get thicker-looking hair like Urvasha, try our Thickening Ritual Conditioner – it nourishes to keep hair looking full and healthy.

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