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6 Ways To Blow Dry Your Hair Without Causing Damage

  • 1
    Prep your hair properly

    Nurturing your hair with the right in-shower hair care will leave strands stronger and more resilient to everyday damage. Reach for a conditioning shampoo such as  Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo , which replenishes hair damage and prevents breakage when used alongside its teammate – 

     Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner .

  • 2
    Invest in the right tools

    Using quality tools really does make a difference. Today’s technology means you can minimize damage and cut down on drying time – look for blow-dryers with multiple heat settings and a cool shot. The hairbrush you use is important, too; a round brush creates fullness and adds body while also smoothing locks.

  • 3
    Always use protection

    You should never use any sort of heat styling tool without using heat protection spray: consider it for hair what sunscreen is for skin. A product like  Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat Protection Spray creates an invisible barrier between the dryer and your hair, working to fight frizz and seal in much-needed moisture, all while weightlessly conditioning and nourishing hair.

  • 4
    Style right

    As well as heat protection, reaching for the right styling products is a vital step. If it’s a bouncy blow out you’re looking for,  Dove Style+Care Volume and Fullness Mousse is great for long-lasting lift. Finishing with a generous misting of  Dove Extra Hold Hairspray will prolong your style, adding another barrier between your hair and frizz-causing humidity.

  • 5
    Scrunch it, don’t rub it

    It’s no secret that heat can cause damage and breakage, but vigorously towel drying your hair can create damaging friction. That’s why we would always suggest scrunching your hair to get the excess water and moisture out – using a microfiber towel is a lot gentler than a regular towel.

  • 6

    Split it into sections

    Don’t try to blow-dry your hair all at once – it’ll turn into a never-ending task and you won’t be able to achieve a sleek finish, no matter how hard you try. Instead, separate your hair into sections (how many depends on how thick it is), and work through one at a time for better results.

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