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The Essential Guide For How To Grow Out Hair: Our 6 Pro Tips

  • Let your hair down.
    Let your hair down.

    You know that spare hairband you always have around your wrist? Well, if you're trying to get some extra hair length, that's the best place for it. Tying your hair into a tight ponytail can cause breakage where the elastic is wrapped around your hair, especially if it's dry or fragile. Instead, gently twist hair into a bun and keep it in place with a large clip 

  • Moisturize with a mask.
    Moisturize with a mask.

    Extra nourishment is always a good idea, but it's even more important if you're growing out hair. Adding a mask into your routine will help to strengthen and condition your hair, leaving it more protected against breakage. Turn to a regular treatment for a nourishing boost – add Dove Intensive Repair Mask into your routine once or twice a week 

  • Keep up the conditioner.
    Keep up the conditioner.

    Shampoo, hair mask, treatment… everyone has a different routine in the shower but conditioner should always be a part of yours. If you color or style your hair, strands start to thin out and the ends can split. Using a nourishing conditioner daily - like Dove Fortifying Ritual Conditioner – helps to seal your hair's cuticles, preventing more damage so it stays long and healthy-looking

  • Dry hair with care.
    Dry hair with care.

    Here's one thing that wet hair really, really hates: rough towel-drying. Your towel might feel soft and fluffy on your skin, but wet hair is much more prone to damage and rubbing it with a towel can cause breakage. Try air-drying your hair instead or wrap your hair in a soft, microfiber towel to dry it gently

  • Reach for the scissors.
    Reach for the scissors.

    If you're growing out short hair, it sounds strange to head for a haircut – but regular trims help to prevent split ends from working their way up your strands and causing breakage. If you can, aim to go to the salon for a trim every 10-12 weeks – we bet you'll soon see the benefits

  • Find the recipe for success.
    Find the recipe for success.

    Finally, a good cookbook comes in handy – it turns out that, for longer hair, your diet can be just as important as your hair care routine. Vitamin D, protein and fatty acids are all known to help hair grow strong and they can be found in salmon, eggs and avocados. What better way to start the day?

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