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Dove Handbag hero

My handbag hero: A good dry shampoo

Turns out there’s one product many of us can’t leave the house without: A good dry shampoo that works as a quick fix for greasy hair . That’s certainly the case for Laura, Aline and Natasha, who swear by it. For them, it’s a handbag hero: A compact miracle worker that might just save the day (even if you never know when). So, we asked them to tell us how they chose the best dry shampoos for them, and exactly how they use them – day in, and day out.

Laura: ‘Dry shampoo is my greasy hair quick fix’

Running late to work and skipping the shower? We’ve all been there. Suddenly have a huge meeting straightaway? Well, Laura’s definitely been there – and it’s why she always keeps Dove dry shampoo with her.

“I never know when I might need dry shampoo, so I always have a can just in case. Especially at work – like when I suddenly get pulled into big client pitches. Last time I definitely wasn’t prepared for it… I’d skipped washing my hair that morning (an extra 15 minutes in bed means way too much to me), so I was panicking about not looking on my A game. A spray of dry shampoo and a bit of eyeliner is more than enough to pull together a casual outfit, if you ask me. It might be a little thing, but it made me feel really confident instead of keeping quiet in the back of the room.”

Laura’s handbag hero: For an invisible quick fix for greasy hair, go for Dove Refresh + Care Unscented Dry Shampoo. It’ll leave your hair looking freshly washed, but with no scent: there’s nothing to give you away.


Aline: ‘Dry shampoo helps me maintain my curls’

Wondering how to keep your hair from getting greasy with oily hair remedies, even when you’re trying to cut down on washes? Curly-haired Aline has the perfect solution.

“I love my curly hair – except on the days I have to wash it. Here’s how it goes: after I wash my hair, I use a diffuser to half dry my hair so it doesn’t go super frizzy and lose its natural shape. Then, I’ll spend a good half day just shaping the curls around my fingers while they dry. If I don’t, only half of my curls get great ringlets while the other half have sad, flat waves. It takes a lot of commitment, and once it’s in shape, I’ll do anything to keep it that way. So for at least three days after that, I spray dry shampoo into my roots and massage it in to absorb oil instead of washing. It keeps my hair fresh and helps keeps the volume at my roots: all the things I need, without washing. It’s really helped me go longer without washing my hair, which is a life-saver!”

Aline’s handbag hero: If you’re trying to keep your hair looking and feeling clean to maintain volume and bounce, go for Dove Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo to remove oil. You’ll be left with body and bounce, as well as a total refresh.


Natasha: ‘Dry shampoo helped me become more outgoing’

It’s 5pm, and you’ve been invited to dinner in an hour, but you hadn’t planned on a night out – and neither had your hair. Natasha’s been there.

“Dry shampoo is the biggest part of my emergency getting ready kit. After I’d broken up with my boyfriend, I had a lot of free time so I decided to fill it by just saying ‘yes’ whenever I was invited anywhere. Obviously, this new plan meant that occasionally I had a surprise invite I hadn’t exactly prepared for (I don’t know a single woman who has the time to wash her hair every day!) and that’s where dry shampoo came in: having a quick fix for greasy hair on hand to quickly freshen up my hair meant that I could keep saying ‘yes’ and be as confident as possible.”

Natasha’s handbag hero: Getting all dressed up for a big night out? Try something with a great scent, such as Dove Refresh + Care Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo, to give your routine a tropical twist. You’ll look fresh, and smell even fresher.

When are you most likely to use dry shampoo?

When are you most likely to use dry shampoo?

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