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Which Lightweight Conditioner Is Best For Thin Hair?

  • Say yes to conditioner!
    Say yes to conditioner!

    Have you been told that fine, flat hair isn’t suited to conditioner? Don’t believe a word of it. Fine hair is more prone to breakage – which could make it look thinner – so conditioner is actually essential to protect and nourish it. The secret is to choose a lightweight conditioner designed for fine hair, that will help you detangle without weighing your hair down

  • Pick a lightweight conditioner.
    Pick a lightweight conditioner.

    Now that’s cleared up, finding the best lightweight conditioner for everyday use is a must. You can count on our Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Conditioner, which adds smoothness to your locks but won’t leave them flat

  • Moisturise mid-lengths and tips.
    Moisturise mid-lengths and tips.

    With fine hair, it’s important to concentrate your conditioner application on the mid-lengths and tips. This is the area that gets the most wear and tear, so make sure it gets the moisture boost it needs

  • Try a lightweight shampoo.
    Try a lightweight shampoo.

    You won’t be too surprised to learn that your lightweight conditioner will work best accompanied by a lightweight shampoo. Try our Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo, which breathes life and volume into your hair 

  • Nourish with a hair treatment.


    Nourish with a hair treatment.

    Contrary to what you might’ve heard, hair treatments can be lightweight, too. Try our Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Souffle Treatment – it’ll nourish and treat your hair but won’t leave any unwanted residue, so your hair’s soft but still light as a feather

  • Maintain fullness.


    Maintain fullness.

    As you get older, you might notice the texture of your hair becoming more brittle and thinning out: lightweight conditioner can be very useful for keeping it looking youthfully full. Look for one specifically created to replenish ageing hair as well as adding fullness like our Advanced Hair Series Youthful Vitality Conditioner

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