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Dove How to straighten hair

How To Correctly Protect Your Hair When Straightening It

Love the sleekness of straight locks? Us too, but we also want to protect our hair from the damage that straightening can cause. To achieve great results, we don’t necessarily need a Brazilian blowout or any other chemical hair straightening. Here’s a caring way to get soft, smooth, beautifully straight hair. 

  • Dove Nourish


    Ready to learn how to straighten hair while also protecting your lovely locks? Like any great work of art, preparation is key. Start by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner such as Dove Daily Moisture range. They progressively nourish hair, leaving it beautifully soft and smooth

  • Dove Protect


    Use a heat protection spray to safeguard hair against hot tools. Spray into damp hair before blow drying and then mist again onto sections before using your flat iron. Your hair will thank you for it by looking gloriously smooth by the end. Trust us

  • Dove Dry


    Make sure hair is dry before letting loose with your flat iron. If there’s too much moisture left, the heat from the flat iron can cause the water in your hair to boil, which can damage and break your lovely locks. Ouch. Squeeze hair dry with a towel – never rub as that will rough up hair cuticles – and dry thoroughly using a flat paddle brush. Direct the dryer airflow from root to tip (it will help close the cuticles and make hair shiny and smooth)

  • Dove Straighten


    Here we are, at the main event, the part we’ve all been waiting for. To straighten hair well, make sure to take small sections at a time, holding the rest of your hair away using clips. Keep individual sections taut using a brush and swiftly go over them with the flat iron. Don’t linger too long, especially on the delicate ends, to avoid unnecessary damage to your hard-working hair

  • Dove Care


    Treat your hair to a little care before doing any styling. We love our Dove Smooth & Shine Heat Protection Spray. It defends hair from heat styling damage while also infusing hair with lightweight, conditioning nourishment for smooth, shiny, and protected hair. Just wait for the compliments to start flooding in.

  • Dove Set


    Now you’ve got your lovely style, you’re probably wondering how to keep your hair straight, are we right? Easy. Add a final touch of Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray to set your hairstyle and keep any misbehaving flyaways in place

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