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How to fix dry hair: the tips, tricks and treatments you need to know about

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    Visit the salon more often

    Having regular cuts might not make your hair grow more quickly, but getting rid of split ends and tidying up layers will help to nix unwanted frizz, while making hair look shinier and feel stronger. It doesn’t have to be a huge cut – just a couple of millimeters off the ends every couple of months will make the world of difference.

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    Invest in a hydrating shampoo

    There’s a reason shampoos and conditioners for different hair types exist, but a set that should suit almost everybody is Dove  Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. They delicately care for hair, cleansing and protecting every strand while nourishing from within in order to ensure hair remains hydrated and resistant to future damage.

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    Use masks and leave-in treatments

    Incorporating an intensive moisturizing mask, like  Dove Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Hair Mask , not only leaves hair softer and smoother after one use, but its blend of nutrients, protein and Buriti oil keep dryness in check without weighing hair down. We also recommend using Dove 7-in-1 Miracle Spray after each wash, because it visibly repairs damage, strengthens and controls frizz.

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    Cut down on heat styling

    We all know that using tools such as hair dryers, straighteners, and curling tongs can cause hair to become dry and frizzy. Using a good heat protection spray is one way to prevent this, but you can go one step further by cutting down on your usage. Instead of heat styling every day, try cutting back to every second or third day instead, using dry shampoo to extend the life of your style.

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    Use a microfiber towel post-shower

    We’ll never stop singing the praises of the humble microfiber towel. Gentle yet super effective, it’s specially designed to absorb excess moisture while negating the need to vigorously rub. Wrap one around freshly-washed hair and not only will it dry quicker, but it’ll be much gentler on dry, brittle strands, which are at their weakest when hair is wet.

  • 6

    Switch to a silk pillowcase

    Sleeping on silk is much kinder to hair. A silk pillowcase will reduce the amount of friction that occurs as a result of tossing and turning through the night. Plus, if you’re somebody who showers in the evening, unlike cotton, silk won’t absorb the moisture from the hydrating products you’re using pre-bedtime. Consider it a win-win situation.

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