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Dove Hair care tips

Hair-care tips and tricks for beautiful hair

Long or short, straight or curly, beautiful hair comes in all kinds of styles – but here’s what each style has in common: shine, smoothness, and strength. Searching for the ultimate healthy hair tips to get yours looking its beautiful best? Look no further: we’ve got them all here.

  • 1

    Fit your hair care to your needs.

    Knowing how to take care of hair – your hair in particular – is basically all you need to keep it looking beautiful. Step one is making sure you have the best products for your hair type. It sounds simple, but it’s essential – and with ranges for damaged, oily, dry and colored hair (just to begin with), Dove hair care has you covered

  • 2

    Ignore the washing rulebook.

    There’s really no ‘one wash fits all’ rule: whether you have oily hair that needs daily washing, or curly hair that looks best three days in, it’s best to do what’s right for you (and if we’ve left you wanting more hair-care tips for the shower you can check out our hair-washing guide too)

  • 3

    Protect hair like you would skin.

    Our hair can be just as delicate as our skin, and it’s a huge part of who we are – so it needs the same gentle care and protection. Sun, pollution and changing weather can wreak havoc on your hair (not to be too dramatic). So use a moisturizing conditioner, like Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Conditioner, to nourish your strands through every season

  • 4

    Watch out for chlorine.

    Chlorine can damage your hair, and leave colored hair looking less than vibrant – so try a little trick before you hit the pool. Soak your hair in clean water first to help your hair absorb less chlorine, then spray on leave-in conditioner for added protection

  • 5

    Protect hair from damage.

    To keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful, nourishment and protection throughout your hair care routine will do wonders. Try our Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner to get both benefits at once – and it’ll help to smooth away damage after styling, too

  • 6

    Try a wide-tooth comb.

    The trick to beautiful hair is sometimes in the smallest healthy hair tips – like untangling your hair after a wash. When your hair is wet, a wide-tooth comb is your best friend – it’ll cause less friction and help detangle hair smoothly without the breakage. Save your brush for styling your completely dry, and beautifully strong hair afterwards

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