Your frizzy hair tips - revealed

Frizz control: how you go from static to smooth

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    Figure out your frizz.

    Frizz is easier to treat if you know what causes it. Do you wake up with it or does it appear during the day? For Tamsin, it starts straight out of the shower. "If I dry my hair naturally, it goes a bit frizzy," she says. Start with figuring out the cause (there might be more than one) and you'll be on your way to smoother strands

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    Build a frizz-proof hair routine.

    The real secret to how to control frizzy hair? For frizzy hair, products designed to add moisture are key – since your strands sucking up moisture is how frizz happens in the first place. "For me, it's all about adding nourishment into my hair, even during the shower – so I use an oil-infused shampoo for frizzy hair to look after my curls," says Sarah. Try Dove Nutritive Solutions Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner for silky-smooth curls with every wash 

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    …and add extra nourishment, if you need it.

    Still frizzing up after your wash? There are a few anti-frizz solutions you can try outside of your normal wash routine. "When it's wet, I tend to put a curl-enhancing cream in," says Gabby, "which seems to help define the curls and fight frizz." Add Dove Amplified Textures Twist-In Moisture Shaping Butter Cream to your post-wash routine to help define each curl, leaving them smooth and shiny

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    Think twice about touching your hair.

    Running your hands through your hair, twirling it in your fingers… the little things count when it comes to frizz. "I touch my hair a lot and I'm always flicking it around," says Gabby. "So that's not good for frizz!" Playing with your hair can cause friction, so try tying it up instead and you won't be tempted to touch it

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    Protect your hair from damage.

    Georgina believes in stopping frizz before it begins. "For me, the more damaged my hair is, the more frizz I get," she told us. "So I try and make sure I'm taking the best care of my hair I can – like, I use my flat irons every day, so I always use a protection spray first." Dove Smooth and Shine Heat Protect Spray helps to protect hair from damage caused by heat styling, so your hair stays looking and feeling beautifully healthy

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    Moisturize in minutes with a mask.

    For Steph, one simple change made a big impact. "I'm pretty lazy so a hair mask was a yearly treat!" she said. "But when my hair started getting really frizzy, I started using one every time I washed my hair." A hair mask is the ultimate way to deeply nourish your hair, so if you're fighting frizz try adding it to your usual routine. Dove Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy Hair Mask helps leave your hair looking smoother and softer – but don't worry, it doesn't have to be every wash – once or twice a week should be enough

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