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Dove - How to care for pre and post-gym hair

Pre And Post-Gym Hair Care Guide: 6 Easy Tips For Fresh Hair

After an intense workout, we don’t think anybody should have to sweat to care for their hair. When it comes to post-gym hair, we think everybody deserves to feel their best – that’s why we’ve put together our best tips for keeping your hair feeling clean and cared for on active days. From finding the right hairstyle for you, to answering questions like ‘Should I wash my hair after the gym?’ – read on to discover what you can do before, during and after you’ve worked out to keep hair feeling fresh. 

  • Dove - How to care for pre and post-gym hair

    Before: Find a gym hairstyle that works for you

    Preparation is key to keeping your gym hair fresh – it’s all about finding a hairstyle that works with your fitness plans. Yogis might prefer a loose bun to keep their hair out of their face, or if you’re doing a lot of cardio then something more secure like a braid could work for you. The trick is to keep your hair away from the areas that you’re likely to sweat the most, so that you can minimize oily or sweaty hair after workout sessions.  

  • Dove - How to care for pre and post-gym hair

    Before: Apply dry conditioner

    When it comes to your gym hair, you can apply our Care Between Washes Go Active Dry Conditioner beforehand to help reduce frizz. The formula nourishes your strands to help tame flyways caused by humidity as well as hold your style in place too.

  • Dove - How to care for pre and post-gym hair

    Before: Keep it together 

    It might be tempting to use an elastic hair band to tie up your hair, but we think our strands deserve a little more TLC. Using ribbon hair ties or spiralled ties will help reduce your chance of breakages as well as prevent dents and kinks – so you won’t have to worry about putting too much time into restyling your gym hair. 

  • Dove - How to care for pre and post-gym hair

    After: Refresh your roots with dry shampoo

    Your hair care after workout sessions is key to refreshing your strands – and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Dove Care between Washes Dry Shampoo helps to absorb excess sweat and oil from the roots of your hair  helping it to dry faster. So, you can save a little time and still have cared for hair.

  • Dove - How to care for pre and post-gym hair

    After: Make the most of dry shampoo wipes

    Not washing hair after workout sessions can sometimes leave us feeling less than our best – but we’ve got you covered. Our Care between Washes Go Active Dry Wipe helps to cleanse even those harder to reach areas like your bangs – instantly absorbing excess sweat and oil. Simply swipe over wherever your hair neds refreshing. 

  • Dove - How to care for pre and post-gym hair

    After: Spritz on some hair perfume

    Wondering how to keep hair fresh after working out? If you ask us, no post-gym hair care routine is complete without a spritz of hair perfume. Our Care between Washes Go Active Hair Perfume gives your hair a boost of fragrance and leaves it smelling fresh when you need it most. 

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