Tips to fix hair breakage and restore hair  US

Bye Bye, Hair Breakage! Tips and Tricks For Restoring Your Hair Health

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    Do regular deep treatments

    A good deep conditioner really is one of the best hair treatments. Not only is it a good excuse for some me-time, but it’s great for nourishing locks, too. Dove Mineral Hair Mask Strengthens + White Clay is inspired by the benefits of using white clay for skin and works to strengthen damaged hair, leaving it with 99% less breakage while ensuring each and every strand is moisturized.

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    Get used to using heat protection

    We know you’ve heard it hundreds of times before, but a heat protector really is key to maintaining your hair health. It’s a simple step, and getting into the habit of using it will pay off long term. Dove Smooth & Shine Heat Protection Spray is lightweight and conditioning, so it’ll add shine while defending against heat damage.

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    Book in for regular trims

    There’s a myth about cutting your hair regularly to make it grow quicker – and while that’s not strictly true, snipping your split and dead ends will stop them from traveling further up the strand, as well as leave hair looking healthier. Or just use Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner which can prevent split ends from forming and repair them if they do, leaving your ends feeling smooth.

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    Lower the temperature of tools

    We know, using tools at the highest temperature makes them more effective, right? Wrong – especially when you learn that anything above 350°F could cause irreversible damage. Instead, choose the lower heat settings on your tools, and while it might take a bit longer than usual to dry or style your locks, remember that it’s for the greater good.

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    Make friends with leave-in products

    If you’re guilty of avoiding leave-in products because you think they will weigh your hair down or make it greasy faster, think again. Dove 7-in-1 Miracle Mist does the opposite, working to visibly repair damaged and tangled strands, control frizz and nourish hair – all while restoring shine. It’s infused with amino serum and vitamin C – bonus points.