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A step-by-step guide on how to use a leave-in conditioner

With our hair exposed to daily damage, it makes sense to add an extra layer of conditioner and protection when you step out of the shower. We explain how to use a leave-in conditioner to maximize your hair health.

It’s the extra step many people still don’t think they need, but a leave-in conditioner can be a game-changer for certain hair types. Take the Dove Amplified Textures Moisture-Lock Leave-In Conditioner, designed to deeply condition and define curly and coily hair. It’s infused with jojoba oil, known for its sebum-like qualities and lightweight, shine-boosting benefits. Leave-in conditioner can also boost the benefits of your shampoo and regular conditioner, especially when treating damaged hair caused by chemical coloring and daily heat styling. Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Remedy Leave-On Treatment – when used as part of a three-step system including the shampoo and conditioner – leaves hair stronger, thicker, and healthier-looking.

How to apply a leave-in conditioner

Once you’ve found the right formula for your hair type or issue, it’s time to check in on your application technique. "Leave-in conditioners are best applied to damp hair, " says Dove Partner and Celebrity Stylist Rocco. "Water in the hair helps the usually white formula to spread evenly and prevent white marks". The exception is Dove 7in1 Miracle Mist, which is lightweight, transparent, and can also be applied to dry hair.

A common concern with leave-in conditioner is that the extra product build-up will weigh hair down and leave it looking greasier than usual. The key is to choose the right formula for you and avoid loading it onto the roots. "Apply mid-length down to the ends," says Dove Partner and Celebrity Stylist Rocco, "running it through with your fingers and gently combing to avoid any unnecessary stress on the hair. Start with less – you can always add more."

How to maximize the benefits of your leave-in conditioner

The thing about leave-in conditioner is that you don’t have to overthink it. It’s a product that’s designed to slot effortlessly into your existing hair care routine, boosting the effects of the other products you use before and after it. But there are a few things you can do to up the conditioning ante. If you have long, thick locks, try applying it to a small section at a time.  "You don’t need to apply in layers," says Dove Partner and Celebrity Stylist Rocco, "but if you do, it’s likely you’ll get a more even distribution." Do you like going to bed with wet hair? Why not apply some just before your head hits the pillow and let it absorb while you sleep? It acts like an overnight mask and guarantees more strength and shine in the morning.

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