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A day in the life of your hair: repair and care

A day in the life of your hair: repair and care

Ever feel like your hair is feeling particularly dry or damaged and wonder why? We talked to four women with different hair types about their daily routines, to pinpoint where our hair might need an extra dose of care. From morning to night, we're passing on their most useful tips to make sure every day is a great hair day – all the way through. 

Starting the day

Waking up

Does your hair wash always happen in the morning? Tamsin’s does. Because she uses a lot of products to keep her curls defined, she’s a fan of the ‘lather, rinse and repeat’ method: “I’ll double-shampoo, just to make sure my hair is clear of all the products.” Washing your hair twice in one shower can strip away its essential oils, so look for products that won’t leave it feeling dry.

The fix: If you’re washing your hair everyday like Tamsin, make sure you’re using a shampoo that cares while it cleanses. Try Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Shampoo. With our Intensive Repair Conditioner, it nourishes both the surface and core of the hair, leaving it smooth, strong and more resilient to damage after each wash. 


Hit the styling tools just before you leave the house? So does Steph. “I go over my hair with straighteners almost everyday before work,” she told us. Heat can be pretty damaging, leading to split ends and breakage. Healthy, happy hair needs heat protection.

The fix: Using a heat-protection spray on damp hair is always a good idea before you dry, straighten or curl your strands. Try Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat Protection Spray.  The stronger your hair is, the better prepared it will be for heat – so take Gabby’s advice: “Definitely do a treatment every so often to keep your hair hydrated.” If your morning routine involves heat styling, make sure your evening routine includes a nourishing hair repair treatment, like Dove Intensive Repair Hair Mask. It’ll help leave hair strengthened against breakage and, of course, smooth and shiny. 

Through the day

During the workday

Because of the sun, wind, rain, or a hundred other reasons, by the end of the day your hair can end up losing its smoothness. Bad news when you’ve got plans after work. “Frizz is the main thing for me,” says Gabby. “I touch my hair a lot and I’m always flicking it around.”

The fix: For curly hair like Gabby’s, a mousse can really help keep that beautiful definition, without frizz or flyaways getting in the way. Just smooth our Curls Defining Mousse into damp hair before diffusing or leaving to air-dry – it’ll help you keep that smooth, bouncy look for longer.


Finishing the day


Getting to bed a little later than you planned? Considering skipping your shower in the morning? How often should you wash your hair anyway? The answer is different for everyone – but if you can’t face an early morning and your hair needs a refresh, there’s a solution you can do in your sleep. Literally.

The fix: Irantzu has a trick to avoid washing her hair everyday and stay feeling fresh: “My hair gets oily while I sleep but now that I have the Dove dry shampoo, I use that.” Dry shampoo isn’t just great for refreshing hair during the day – spray our Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo into your roots as part of your night routine and it’ll work itself into your hair and absorb oil while you’re sleeping. Just brush it through in the morning, and you and your hair will be feeling fresh – from the extra hour in bed and the overnight cleanse. 

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