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6 reasons to try our 1-minute Serum + Conditioner

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    The power of two products in one

    You (and your hair) deserve great results from a quick, simple regime. Imagine a hair care essential that combines the power of two products – in one step. Our Hair Therapy 1-Minute Serum + Conditioners combine the nourishment of conditioner with the benefits of hair serum for visible results. Think fresh-from-the-salon style in a fast-acting treatment you can use at home. 

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    Targeted care for your hair type

    Choose from two Serum + Conditioners to give your hair targeted care. Lacking shine? Go for Glow Restore. It gives you radiant shine and smooth, manageable hair. Split ends? Reach for Rescue & Protect to strengthen, visibly repair and reduce your split ends for strong, protected hair. 

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    It’s easy to use

    No more lengthy hair care regimes that take up your whole evening. We’ve created a new hair product that fits into your routine – instead of giving you more to do. Here's how to use our serum and conditioner: the clever packaging squeezes the two formulas into your palm simultaneously – simply rub together to mix, apply to your mid-lengths and ends and wait a minute before rinsing. 

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    Results in one minute

    You’re busy – we feel you. When your hair needs some extra TLC, you might think you need to add extra products. Instead, we’ve combined two products into one – and made them work hard for you. These innovative new hair care products really do get to work in just one minute, cutting down your hair washing time while still delivering amazing results. No extra steps, no waiting around.

  • 5

    Inspired by skin care ingredients

    These dual-chamber formulas, infused with skin care inspired-ingredients, work hard to deliver results.The Dove Hair Therapy difference? Expert formulations that work at your hair’s cellular level.* Expect trending skin and hair care ingredients, with formulas infused with amino serum and vitamin C (for a healthy-looking glow), and a formula with ceramide and peptide to help strengthen and protect. 

    *nourishes at the level of hair's cortex

  • 6

    It’s part of a simple, two-step regime

    Choose a shampoo from our Hair Therapy range to create the perfect easy hair care regime. If you color or heat-style your hair, Rescue & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner is  a sulfate-free system that helps protect your hair from heat damage and breakage. To get your glow back, the shine-boosting Glow Restore Shampoo and Conditioner will give you back that smooth, silky radiance – in just two steps. 

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