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What’s the best deodorant for me? Your 101 guide

What’s the best deodorant for me? Your 101 guide

If you’re asking yourself, “What deodorant should I use?”, read our guide below. Whether you use a deodorant or antiperspirant, or a stick or dry spray, we have the perfect tool to give you the daily care and underarm protection you need.

Want a men’s sport deodorant for your active lifestyle?

For underarm protection against sweat and odor before and after exercise, Dove Men+Care SportCare Fresh Dry Spray Antiperspirant is the perfect addition to your sports bag.

Formulated with Triple Defense Technology™, it doesn’t just give you 72-hour sweat and odor protection – it also helps retain your skin’s moisture and protects it against dryness. Just spray it on before your next workout. This antiperspirant deodorant for athletes (and every man who enjoys regular exercise) is also available as an antiperspirant and deodorant stick.


Need a deodorant for yellow stains + white marks? 

If you’re tired of stains and marks on your shirts and clothes, Dove Men+Care Stain Defense Fresh Dry Spray Antiperspirant gives you round-the-clock confidence with 72-hour underarm protection against sweat and odor. Our anti-white marks, anti-yellow stains formula is even available as a deodorant or antiperspirant stick.


Sensitive skin craving extra care + underarm protection? 

If you’re a man with dry, sensitive skin, Dove Men+Care Sensitive Shield Antiperspirant Stick is perfect for you. Infused with vitamin E and made with ¼ moisturizing cream, our comforting and caring antiperspirant is formulated to protect sensitive skin against dryness while retaining its moisture levels.


Looking for a truly unique + long-lasting scent? 

What to look for in deodorant isn’t only about 72-hour odor protection – it’s about finding a scent that gives you all-day freshness and confidence, too. 

Look no further than our essential oils infused deodorant sticks. Midnight Classico has an earthy, citrusy starfruit, patchouli and cedarwood scent. Foresta Sunset packs warm notes of cardamom, leather and vanilla. Morning Fresco has a reviving ginger, apple and vetiver scent. And Paradiso Sunrise has the refreshing fragrance of Sicilian lemon, sage and vetiver. The choice is yours.


Need a powerful deodorant for heavy sweating? 

If you don’t know what to do if you sweat a lot, Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Stick packs all the power you need.

This non-irritating, clinical-strength antiperspirant* gives your underarms 96-hour sweat protection. You can even apply our deodorant for heavy sweating in the evenings – it’s so powerful, it works overnight and lasts until the next day.


Want to know more about our collection? Discover five reasons why our deodorants and antiperspirants give underarms next-level comfort and protection.

*Tested against a leading prescription product with 6.25% (w/v) aluminum chloride.


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