Dove 6 tips to stop your child’s hair tangling at night

How to wash your toddler’s hair: 5 top tips for dads

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    Pick the perfect formula

    Go for child-friendly hair care formulas – like Baby Dove Curl Nourishment Hydrating Baby Shampoo and Conditioner – to give your little one’s hair and skin the care it needs. Blended with coconut oil, almond oil, chamomile and oatmeal, this duo cleanses and conditions their hair while nourishing their scalp. If tangling after bath time is an issue, add Baby Dove Curl Nourishment Detangler Cream to your routine as well.

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    Lather up with care

    Getting caring products for bath time is the first step – applying those products with care is the second. For many toddlers, the sensation of having their heads massaged with shampoo and conditioner can be overwhelming. Take your time and gently pat the lather into their hair instead, or even add it to a washcloth. You can also let them wash their own hair (under your watchful eye, of course).

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    Protect their eyes

    Let’s face it – the art of keeping suds out of their eyes has the power to make or break bath time. If you’re wondering how to wash your toddler’s hair without getting water in their eyes, visors and bath caps are both great ways to keep bubbles at bay. If they’re at the age when they’re taking swimming lessons, goggles are also a good option. 

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    Tilt their head forwards

    As we all know, many toddlers simply don’t like the sensation of leaning back, especially if they have water running through their hair. Make it a gentler experience by tilting their head forwards and slowly rinsing from the crown. This helps avoid water running into their eyes and lets them feel more in control. 

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    Skip a day (or two)

    It’s okay to occasionally skip shampooing and conditioning to avoid overwashing. Tell them when it’s not a hair-washing day, so they can enjoy bath time for what it is – a chance to have fun and make some bubbly chaos! 

    Now you know the best techniques for washing your toddler’s hair, learn how to stop it tangling, too.