Dove Men+Care How to use deodorant after shaving

How to get the most out of deodorant after shaving

  • 1
    Keep hair shorter

    Whether it’s trimming underarm hair or shaving your underarms, shorter hair means deodorant can reach your skin more effectively. Ultimately, the best way to remove underarm hair is whatever works best for you – but keeping it a little shorter is a good first step. 

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    Apply to dry skin

    However you handle how to shave your underarms, deodorants are most effective when applied to dry skin. Make sure you wait to apply after showering and let your skin breathe for as long as possible. By letting your skin dry, it can get solid contact with your deodorant and absorb fully into your pores. 

  • 3
    Use a deodorant with moisturizer

    Putting deodorant on after shaving may seem strange, but just like the skin on your body, your underarms can get dry or irritated post-shave. Look out for products that prevent skin drying out and moisturize skin effectively, like our Clean Comfort Deodorant Stick with ¼ moisturizer technology.

  • 4
    Repeat your routine

    For the best protection after shaving armpits, use antiperspirant deodorant as part of your daily routine and top up when you need it the most. Find out what products work best for you and your skin.

  • 5
    Apply at night

    To get the most out of your antiperspirant deodorant, apply at night too. Because you sweat less at night your deodorant has the best opportunity to entirely sink in. You’ll wake up feeling fresher, protected and with reenergized underarms.