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How Dove Men+Care Ultimate range helps underarm irritation

How Dove Men+Care Ultimate range helps underarm irritation

From friction and heat to bacteria and sensitive skin, causes of underarm irritation can feel out of your control – but irritation from sweat or harsh ingredients shouldn’t be one of them. Keep reading to hear three men's experiences of deodorant irritation and find out how our revolutionary Ultimate range helps you answer how to prevent skin irritation.

Sometimes underarm irritation from deodorant can happen. Finding a deodorant that puts sensitive skin care for men first will help keep irritation at bay. Made with our best non-irritant formula yet, our Ultimate range gives powerful protection and is enriched with glycerin for skin that feels moisturized. After every swipe you can be confident knowing that your underarms won’t feel itchy or irritated.

Made with our revolutionary water-based technology, the caring ingredients in this formula (like glycerin) have the chance to work hard and leave you with healthy-feeling skin. Plus, with six times the humectant moisturizers* – which are clinically proven to keep skin moisturized – your underarms get the moisturization they need. 

*Compared to our standard formula

Our revolutionary deodorant is designed to glide onto your skin with ease. The water-based formula is quick-drying which is ideal if you’re in a rush or need an extra refresh throughout the day. You can work towards fighting underarm irritation. 

With the help of our Ultimate range, sensitive underarm skin and deodorant irritation doesn’t have to get in the way of wanting healthy-feeling skin that feels protected.

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