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What’s the best cleansing bar for my grooming routine?

Not sure which one of our plant-powered skin-cleansing bars is best for you and your lifestyle? Read our quick guide below. And get ready to transform your daily grooming routine.

Need a wake up call in the morning?

If your day starts with a shower, our Dove Men+Care Plant Powered Reinvigorating Lime + Avocado Oil Cleansing Bar is the perfect addition to your men’s skin care routine.

This skin-hydrating, cold-pressed bar leaves your face and body feeling softer, smoother and protected against skin dryness. It cleanses your hair. And it has a reinvigorating matcha, lime and avocado oil scent that helps you kick-start your mornings feeling fresh, clean and confident.

Want to relax + refresh in the evening?

With a calming cedar, aloe vera and eucalyptus oil scent, Dove Men+Care Plant Powered Relaxing Eucalyptus + Cedar Oil Cleansing Bar is the best option for men who prefer to shower before bedtime. Like our other plant-based skin care bars, it gently cleanses your skin while giving it superior moisture. And helps you refresh and unwind after a busy day.

Want to exfoliate without drying out skin?

Some products that scrub skin can leave it feeling dry and strip out its moisture – but that’s not the case with our Dove Men+Care Plant Powered Exfoliating Charcoal + Clove Oil Cleansing Bar. Made with exfoliating grains as well as natural essential oils, a plant-based cleanser, and 99% biodegradable ingredients, our powerful skin-cleansing bar leaves your face and body feeling smoother and softer, while also protecting it against dryness.

Need to fit self-care into a busy schedule?

If you have a busy lifestyle and sometimes struggle to care for yourself and your skin every day, all three of these men’s skin cleansers are perfect. Our cold-pressed, 4-in-1 cleansing bars aren’t just made to give your face and body superior moisture and cleanse hair – they can be lathered up into a shaving foam, too. Whether you’re at home or travelling on the road, this skin-hydrating cleanser packs all your grooming needs into one bar. All you need to do is pick your scent.

With these skin-cleansing bars, your daily shower routine has never been easier.

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