Dove Men+Care underarm hair removal

A guide to underarm hair removal

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    The best underarm hair removal starts with good preparation. Trimming underarm hair first can help to prevent clogged blades later on, and checking your blades are sharp can help to avoid razor burn when shaving underarms. 


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    Having a warm shower beforehand can help to ease coarse or wiry hair, making them easier for the blade to remove. The steam from the hot water softens your hair, while cleansers such as Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body Wash can help to remove excess oils or sweat for the best armpit hair removal. 


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    Lathering your skin first with a gentle shaving cream can help to hydrate underarm hairs as well as allow for a smooth glide from your underarm razor. Shaving creams can also act as a barrier between the razor and the top layer of your skin, preventing irritation and sealing in moisture. 

  • 4

    It’s time to get shaving. The best way to remove underarm hair is to take your time and use long, smooth strokes. Underarm hair grows in all different directions, so shave downwards as well as sideways. Plus, you could try pulling skin taut to create a flat surface for an even straighter shave. 

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    After each stroke, you might find you need to rinse away any excess shaving foam and hair. Keeping your underarm razor clean means it can glide over your skin more effectively for a comfortable shave. 

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    Finally, develop a solid post-shave routine. For everyday care after underarm hair removal, try using Dove Men+Care Post Shave Protection. With triple action moisturisers and a formula enriched with Vitamin E, it prevents dryness, protects from irritation and leaves you with comfortable underarms after shaving.