Dove 6 tips to stop your child’s hair tangling at night

6 tips to stop your child’s hair tangling at night

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    Take it one step at a time

    Split your routine into two simple steps. Start by shampooing their hair close to the roots and scalp (this is the only part that gets dirty because of hair’s natural oils). Next, apply your conditioner to the ends of their hair. To nourish natural curls, coils and waves, we recommend Dove Kids Care Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.  One top tip for getting the most out of your conditioner: Leave it in until the end of bath time before rinsing it out.

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    Leave more time for drying

    Drying your child’s hair with a towel will create instant tangles. Plus, it can damage hair cuticles, making them more prone to tangling at night. Instead, wrap their hair in a microfiber towel and let it slowly absorb the moisture. It might mean bringing bath time forward by half an hour, but it’ll save time in the long run.

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    Start from the ends when brushing

    When brushing, don’t go straight for the biggest knots. Instead, start at the ends where hair is free from tangles, using a wide-tooth comb and short brush strokes to slowly work your way up to tricky areas. This will make it less painful and cause less damage.

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    Learn to braid like a pro

    It’s not all about learning how to detangle matted hair. A quick YouTube tutorial (and a little practice) is all it takes to learn how to braid hair before bedtime and avoid those tangles in the first place. The structure of the braid will help keep your kid’s hair in place, and cause less friction and tangles when they move their head during the night. Braiding is also an incredible bonding experience for any dad – and much more fun than trying to remove tangles in the morning.

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    Invest in satin pillowcases

    Cotton pillowcases can be rough and sticky, and the movement of your kid’s hair can rub cuticles and create more knots. Satin pillowcases, on the other hand, are smooth and create less friction, helping to keep braids in place. It’s the bedroom upgrade every dad needs.

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    Trim every four weeks

    The longer your child’s hair isn’t trimmed, the more the ends will dry out and begin to split – and it’s these dry, split ends that can easily knot when caught between their head and pillow. Trimming a centimeter or two every four weeks is all it takes to keep hair feeling healthy, smooth and resistant to night-time tangles. 

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