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Dove Men+Care: 5 tips to enhance your grooming routine

5 tips to enhance your routine (whatever your skin type is)

We all have different skin types, so you need to pick the right men’s grooming products to care for it. Keep reading to learn how to enhance your grooming routine and give your unique skin the daily care it needs.

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    Dry skin? Amp up the moisture

    If your skin looks dull and feels a little rough (especially in the colder months when temperatures and humidity levels are lower), you need to give it extra care and protection with a more nourishing skin care routine.

    Try swapping your current cleanser with our Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body + Face Wash. This refreshing body wash for men is made with MicroMoisture technology, which helps lock in your skin’s natural moisture and leaves it feeling hydrated.

    For some extra protection, you can also moisturize with Dove Men+Care Replenishing Hand + Body Lotion. Formulated with glycerin, skin-strengthening nutrients, shea butter and Hydration Boost™, our advanced blend of plant-based moisturizers, our fast-absorbing and non-greasy lotion leaves rough, dry skin feeling instantly nourished with 48-hour moisture.

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    Sensitive skin? Give it the care + protection it needs

    Skin care for sensitive skin doesn’t need to be complicated – if it feels dry and itchy during the day or after your shower, it means you simply need to pick products specially formulated to calm and care for it.

    Give dry, sensitive skin an extra dose of moisture with Dove Men+Care Calming Hand + Body Lotion. It’s dermatologist tested, formulated with aloe and a hypoallergenic fragrance, and leaves sensitive skin feeling instantly comforted with 48-hour moisture. Afterwards, give sensitive underarms 72-hour sweat and odor protection with our Dove Men+Care Sensitive Shield Antiperspirant Stick.

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    Oily skin? Purify it – but don’t forget to care for it, too

    If your skin looks shiny even after you’ve washed it, you need a body wash for men that can cleanse and purify it. Skin care for oily skin is straightforward with our Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body and Face Wash. It’s made with purifying grains, which help scrub, cleanse and refresh your skin. It’s also equipped with MicroMoisture technology, so you can purify oily skin without leaving it feeling dry.

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    Combination skin? Go for a multi-purpose approach

    If you have oily skin in some spots (like your forehead, nose and chin) and dry skin in others, this means you have combination skin. It also means you’ll need men’s grooming products that care for both skin types.

    Enter our refreshing and cleansing Dove Men+Care Plant Powered Charcoal + Clove Oil Exfoliating Bar. This cold-pressed bar gives your skin supreme moisture and leaves your face and body feeling softer, smoother and protected against skin dryness.

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    Skin that isn’t any of the above?

    Even if your skin doesn’t feel dry, oily or sensitive, keep it looking and feeling its best with our Dove Men+Care Refreshing Hand + Body Lotion. Formulated with glycerin, skin-strengthening nutrients, Hydration Boost™ and jojoba oil, it leaves your skin feeling instantly refreshed and nourished with 48-hour moisture.

To learn more about different skin types, read our Men’s Health grooming guide.

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