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Dove Men+Care: 5 amazing benefits of moisturizing for men

5 amazing benefits of moisturizing for men

Not sure how to moisturize skin or why you should make it part of your daily routine? Discover five reasons why every man should moisturize every day – and how it helps you care for more than just dry skin.

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    Reduce skin dryness

    One of the most obvious benefits of moisturizing skin is protecting your skin’s natural barrier, so you can help it retain moisture and avoid dryness.

    While our collection of face washes keeps skin feeling healthy and hydrated, you can take that daily care to the next level with our Dove Men+Care Replenishing Hand + Body Lotion. Formulated with glycerin, shea butter, skin-strengthening nutrients and Hydration Boost™, our advanced blend of plant-based moisturizers, this lotion leaves rough, dry skin feeling instantly nourished with 48-hour moisture. 

    And don’t forget, guys: Moisturizing during winter and the colder months is crucial when low temperatures and low humidity can dry out even the softest skin.

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    Protect oily + sensitive skin

    Sensitive skin needs extra care and protection. And even oily and combination skin can get dry, which can lead to breakouts. So, whatever your skin type is, moisturizing for men is an important step in your daily routine.

    Our Dove Men+Care Calming Hand + Body Lotion is dermatologist tested, formulated with aloe and leaves sensitive skin feeling instantly comforted with 48-hour moisture. And our entire range of Hand + Body Lotions is refreshing, non-greasy and fast-absorbing, making them perfect for oily and combination skin, too.

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    Stop skin looking dull or uneven

    If skin looks dull and doesn’t feel its best, dryness can be a major factor. Try showering with our Plant-Powered Cleansing Bars to give your skin superior moisture, strengthen your skin’s barrier, and improve its texture so it feels softer and smoother. And after you rinse and towel dry, you can give it some extra nourishment with Dove Men+Care Refreshing Hand + Body Lotion.

    Overexposure to water (especially water that’s too hot) can also cause your skin to dry out and lose its glow, so try cutting down your shower time and turning down the temperature.

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    Give skin its moisture back after shaving

    Why is moisturizer important after shaving? Because shaving can leave your skin feeling dry, sensitive, irritated and even cause rash or redness. But don’t worry – we have the perfect tool to help. Our Plant Powered Cleansing Bars can also be whipped up into a shaving foam, so you can moisturize skin every time you smooth, sculpt and shave.

  • 5

    Inspire + care for the people you love

    If you’re asking, “Why is my skin so dry, even when I moisturize?”, try complimenting your daily skin care routine with holistic self-care. Activities like eating well, exercise and staying hydrated (The Mayo Clinic advises men to drink 3.7L of water every day) don’t just help improve the health of you and your skin – our unique study shows it helps men care more for others as well. Plus, it can also inspire the next generation to embrace the transformative power of care.

If you’re still unsure how to make grooming a daily practise, discover even more amazing benefits of moisturizing and caring for your skin.

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