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How Dove Men+Care Ultimate range helps underarm irritation

4 ways our Smooth Glide Sticks give you underarm care

Do your underarms often feel dry or irritated? If the answer is yes, it means you’re not getting the underarm care you need. Learn four ways our Smooth Glide Antiperspirant Sticks are the perfect addition to your routine.

  • 1

    Water-based technology helps moisturize armpits

    Dry underarms is a common skin concern for a lot of men. That’s why we created a range of antiperspirants with a 30% water-based formula. The result is a gentle antiperspirant that leaves dry underarms feeling nourished and hydrated.

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    Our formula leaves underarms feeling soothed

    Underarm irritation from deodorants is another common skin concern. Infused with glycerin and omega 6, our non-irritating Smooth Glide sticks are formulated to leave your skin feeling soothed from dryness. They also glide smoothly onto underarms without catching or snagging your skin, so they’re gentle every time you apply them.

  • 3

    Smooth Glide gives you 48-hour sweat + odor protection

    Sweat can leave underarms feeling dry, irritated and even sensitive. Our 48-hour antiperspirants give you all-day sweat and odor protection, so you can feel fresh and confident without having to worry about underarm dryness.

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    Our range also packs refreshing + long-lasting scents

    There’s our warm and nutty Dove Men+Care Smooth Glide Shea Butter Antiperspirant Stick, refreshing and oceanic Smooth Glide Ocean Breeze Antiperspirant Stick, subtle and woody Smooth Glide Coastal Cedar Antiperspirant Stick, and uplifting and herbal Smooth Glide Juniper Woods Antiperspirant Stick. Just pick an antiperspirant for men with your perfect scent. 

    If you have irritated skin (not just irritated underarms), read our quick guide to learn about your unique skin type and how to protect and care for it.

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