Dove Heart-to-Heart

Heart-to-Heart Stories

Opening up, listening to others and sharing stories helps us feel supported, uplifted and understood. We’ve partnered with Refinery29 to bring you a series of virtual heart-to-heart stories.

Connecting like-minded individuals to talk about everything from beauty and positive body image to representation and female activism, each heart-to-heart celebrates the powerful connections and lessons that can be learned from talking honestly about our journeys and experiences.

Amika Quote
Dove CROWN Coalition

Ending discrimination against Black hair with the CROWN Coalition

Let your vote and your voice count in bringing anti-hair discrimination legislation to your state. Help us drive change today by signing the petition to pass The CROWN Act.

Dove Show Us

Project #ShowUs

We're partnering with Getty Images and Girlgaze – and you – to create a more inclusive, diverse and positive beauty experience for all women, girls and non-binary individuals.