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Dove x Progressive Hair Assurance

Dove x Progressive Hair Assurance

Hair Assurance helps cover any damage that Dove Hair Therapy can’t repair* (like that time you cut your own bangs.)

Scroll down to register for Hair Assurance – your future self will thank you. 

We get it. You have big, beautiful hair goals. And we want to help you achieve them. The Dove Hair Therapy range uses powerful skin care ingredients to protect your strands from styling damage. But sometimes, hair fails happen – and that’s why we’ve partnered with Progressive. Together, we’re introducing Hair Assurance, a unique kind of protection that’ll cover your hair through thick and thin, bleach or perm, and other unexpected hair mishaps or damage that Dove Hair Therapy can’t repair.*

We’re offering up to 2,000 people who enter, either through proof of purchase of two Hair Therapy products or by free mail-in entry, a chance to win Hair Assurance–a $100 dollar digital gift card that can be used towards a salon visit to help fix a #HairFail. **


How to Get Hair Assurance

For the chance to receive Hair Assurance, simply submit your proof of purchase below, or follow mail-in rules, and let us know how you will ask more of your hair.

If you’re selected, you’ll receive your personalized digital Hair Assurance card that can be used to help you through any hair mishap.

Read the full terms and conditions here. If you’d like more information, read our FAQs.

Now, grab your curling iron, make that appointment, and ask more of your hair. With Dove Hair Therapy and Hair Assurance, we’ve got you covered.


*Hair Assurance is not an actual insurance product nor is it an endorsement of any insurance product or insurance company. Dove and its affiliates are not insurance agents, brokers, producers or insurers, and cannot provide advice concerning any actual insurance product or company

**NO PURCH NEC 50 U.S. & D.C., 18+ Ends 11:59 p.m. ET 4/26.

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